Okay, good cause but; if this isn’t sexist and just a *bit of fun* then why…

a) Is it only the female cabin crew amongst their staff whom Ryanair have asked to strip off to be displayed on this calendar and not their male ‘stunners’, too?

b) Do heterosexual women and gay men never fly Ryanair and as customers, therefore, enjoy the right to their bit of *titillation* represented in aforementioned calendar format, too?

c) Doesn’t a good leader take pains to lead by example?
Therefore, isn’t it about time that Ryanair CEO, Michael O’ Leary gets his kit off for a all the heterosexual women and gay men consumers out there and appears for all and sundry to gawp over on the 2011 calender in merely the very skimpiest of mankinis, too?

After all, as the big boss man it’s not as if you’re going to feel belittled, demeaned and humiliated is it, Mr O’ *Leer*y?

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