“Posted by: Cerberus, unnatural product of en-OMnomnom-ification | August 7, 2010 12:21 AM
Caine @219
I don’t think she’s dangerous and I understand your points, I’ll just ignore it from now on. I suppose this is one more of those issues brought on by having being-raised-male privilege. To me it seems odd and noteworthy, to many women I’m sure this is Tuesday and so inconsequential as to not even be noticeable.”

Oh dear, still playing that: ‘*I* is more of a real woman than you is’ card, Cerberus.

And there’s me thinking that ‘an agendered asexual radical feminist transwoman in a poly relationship’ didn’t believe in the reinforcement of patriarchist hierarchical gendered levels of femininity, not to mention totally unfounded and – in my case, at least – actually untrue – sexist assumptions? Wasn’t ‘raised male’ – sorry to disappoint you.

Tut, tut, tut…

As for ‘privileged’? Hmmm…not sure where you plucked that idea from, Cerb.

Possibly, even if a ‘mere pleb’ such as myself is starting to come across as somewhat ‘classy’ and ‘refined’ – then so would 99.9 per cent of the rest of the world if having the misfortune to be thrown in with a bunch of typically crass, loudmouth Americans. *Just sayin’.*

Now go fetch PZ’s slippers and place them beside the nice, warm fireplace ready for your master – before it’s Battersea Dogs’ Home for you too, lassie.

Atta gal!

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