Apparently, All-American Patriot, Professor PZ ‘Rambo’ Myers has come over all ‘Mel Gibson-ish’ again and wants to burn a ‘traitors’ flag’? (As one does:)

What, what?! You mean like the one above? As my fellow Bedlam inmate who thinks he’s King George III might have said:)

Oh well, erm…*Yeehaw* etc.
(Btw: Do calm down, Cerberus – I wasn’t referring to you this time, sweetie:)x

Mind you, Professor Myers, guess it was easier burning a confederate one, ‘cos what’s the betting that each time you call the flagburning shop they’ve plum dang well sold out of the yankee ones?! Massive demand from abroad, ya see:)!

Heaven knows why ever that should be.

Now are you absolutely sure that you, or any of your gun-ho A(theist) Team chums at Pharyngula haven’t done anything to upset them, old boy…?

Ho hum, well – to paraphrase-*ish* Sigmund Freud (…I did heed your advice and find meeself a ‘mental health professional’ PZ, ya see! Even if he has been deceased for 71 years.) – at least while you’re busying your tiny minds burning Johnny Reb flags you’re not burning 8-year-old Vietnamese children.

Round ’em up, Cowboy. Raus! Raus! 😦

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