So, I got on the bus on the way home from work this evening and as soon as I boarded a teenage boy from this group of three kids sat at the back shouted: “Oh my God! It’s a tranny!!!” He sounded literally crazed with excitement. (You’d think some superstar like Lady Gaga had just boarded the bus, or something!:) T’was just tired, dopey little me though looking as knackered and dishevelled as I normally am at the end of a manic Monday.

They were a few people in front of me at the bus stop a few minutes before that when we were waiting for the bus to arrive and I could have sworn they were looking at me and laughing amongst themselves and asking each other: “Is that a boy or a girl?” But, I just told myself: ‘Don’t be paranoid, Becky…’

Anyway, I just made sure that I didn’t make eye contact and sat down with my shopping (fortunately there were seats near the front) and did my best to read – or at least pretend to read – the paper. At that stage, I thought that I must be imagining that the young lad shouted that…it also sounded like him and his mates followed this up with: “Imagine meeting that in the dark…” (chortle, chortle, chortle:)

Fortunately, the bus was packed so I was hoping that I kind of disappeared into the crowd a bit. When the time came to get up from my stop (only a short five minute journey home) I was wondering whether they’d shout something then – but they didn’t. Oh well, maybe they’ve forgotten about me, I thought.


Once I’d got off one of them opened the back window and shouted: “Excuse me; are you a bloke?” I just walked on by and pretended not to hear what he’d said. As the bus pulled away he continued shouting “‘xcuse me, xcuse me….” etc. and some other stuff which I didn’t catch.

Oh well, at least they were polite about it…although I could have done without that: “wouldn’t like to meet that in the dark…”, that’s if they’d actually said it, that is. I mean, am I that scary? lol:)

Hasn’t happened to me for a long time that. Although I did get a gang of builders catcalling me last Tuesday, but that was just guys catcalling – the sort that most other girls and women get – without the *exotic* ‘tranny’ element involved. And then there was the infamous “show us yer tits, missy” incident about three weeks ago – but that was other women they were doing it to on the bus to as well – not just me.

Boy! Those kids must be really bored to find someone as boring as me in the faintest bit exciting – or even worthy of comment(!) It’s not as if I was exactly glammed-up. I was looking fairly dowdy, with my office clothes on: short-sleeved blouse, hair pulled back into a ponytail, no make-up at all today – haven‘t plucked my eyebrows for about a month – it‘s virtually a Frida Kahlo forest up there!:)…I wasn’t even wearing a skirt – just plain (well pinstripey – is that even a word?) trousers(!)

Am I upset or offended about it? Hmmmmmm….a little bit, but then again they’re only acting on the sort of messages they get from adults and the wider media. I think they were curious more than anything and in a way I kind of feel guilty for ignoring them and not answering. But then again, they might have become aggressive etc….or might bring even more – less nicer – mates along next time to gawp and throw insults as well as physical things at me.

Still, I hope they’re not there tomorrow(!)

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