Apparently, famed burlesque icon Dita Von Teese, is intending to take her ex-landlord, Lallubhai Patel, to court over some extremely obnoxious – not to mention totally stupid and irrational – anti-Semitic remarks he made about Jewish people.


Well, I don’t know whether the fact of simply being a nasty stupid shit qualifies as an offence under US law – after all, if it were there would be a sizeable percentage of the population of the good ol’ US of A in the slammer already – but symbolically GOOD ON HER for coming out and making such a high-profile public stance against the shocking and profoundly depressing resurgence of anti-Jewish attitudes, actions and behaviour – a crazy disease come back to haunt us here once again at this time at the beginning of our new 21st century.

As for Dita’s ex-landlord, Mr Patel’s assertion that the Jews run Hollywood etc….wasn’t that the same crap that Mel Gibson puked up when arrested for drunk driving a few years back – just before in the same alcoholic breath with totally unrealised irony boasting and bragging about how he himself owned half of Malibu as a threat to a relatively low-paid income cop earning probably not even 0.1 per cent of Mr Gibson’s salary (and who just happened to be Jewish) btw?

Yep. As per usual, and as the old, song goes: it’s the rich what gets the money and the poor what gets the blame – and whilst we’re on it – why the hxxx is it everytime I watch a WWII documentary that 70 years later it always seems to be the ex-Nazi officer veterans being interviewed who are living in such nice, luxuriously large comfortable houses whilst some featured heroic resistance fighter in Poland or somewhere is living in a delipated, dingy and probably unheated and unsanitary pokey little flat? How come, for instance, that no-one ever latches onto this and jumps onto this and rails: “Bah…those ex-top brass Nazi veterans they have all the money, ya know!” (Is it because they also have – most probably in the form of some exquistely beautiful paintings – some similar stolen property stashed away taken immediately after their rightful owners and their families, their children, their tiny helpless babies were ‘conveniently’ sent away to be cruelly maimed, raped, experimented-upon, destroyed, murdered and turned by some twisted fascist sicko into lampshades in a death camp during WWII, by any chance?)

Well, I suppose, back to pampered chickenhawk never-been-in-a-war faux macho poor little rich boys like Mel Gibson, one ‘excuse’ that he can roll out for his idiotically irrational anti-Semitism (as well as his sexist verbal harassment of a female cop on the same night – and the basic fact that in his capacity as a selfish, sob-story self-pitying over-privileged git he was driving in such an unfit state that he could quite have easily mown down and caused the death of any innocent children, adults or cute small furry animals just soberly going about their daily business) was, at least, that he was pissed out of his tiny ‘ickle head at the time.

Scarily however, you seemed to be quite sober when you made those remarks, Mr Patel. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone’s entitled to their opinions – however crazy or obnoxious they may seem to many of us. Yet, it’s also true that such verbal slander and misinformation – particularly about already vulnerable minority groups – can cause verbal and physical attacks on real people…both individuals and groups which can often end in severe injury and even murder.

Moreover, when you’re on the crazy side of Mad Mel even when you’re sober, Mr Patel, might I suggest that you really do need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, erm…‘mate’?

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