Quotes on book-burning:

“What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burned me. Now they are content with burning my books.”
Sigmund Freud

“open, public criticism and disagreement”
PZ Myers

Whilst on the subject of the disturbing resurgence of the far-right, it now seems that even self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ such as our old ‘friend’ PZ Myers have been getting in on the act. In a recent post, he rushes to the defence of some far-right ‘Christian’ identity pastor (didn’t even bother to remember his name – is it important?…Suffice to say, some other stupid wacko yank) who has been threatening to publically burn the Koran.

“The problem isn’t a few books being burned; that’s not a crime, and it doesn’t diminish anyone else’s personal freedoms. The problem is a whole fleet of deranged wackaloons, including the president of the USA in addition to raving fundamentalist fanatics, who think open, public criticism and disagreement ought to be forbidden, somehow.
And seriously, this whole silly contretemps would have evaporated if a few people learned to shrug their shoulders and react rationally instead of feeding the fury with Serious Pronouncements and Reprovals.”


Oh dear me, not again. For someone who describes himself as a totally like ‘godless’ he doesn’t half spend a lot of time off on the crusades. And this *burning* (tee hee) desire to immolate stuff seems to be becoming a bit of a habit for ol’ PZeee – Yo’ dang well betta watch ya’self as you plum near turnin’ into a bit of a pyromaniac thyere, bouaay!!!

Professor Myers’ & Co’s masquerade as ‘progressive liberals’ would be just another Inernet wacko laughsite were it not for the fact that people, yes people in the real world – not the ivory coated towers of snobbish upper-middle class wealthy academia – are going to suffer and die because of this.

Indeed, as I compose this post I hear on the news that one protestor has been shot by NATO troops already. Yet, predictably, certain amongst PZee’s sect members are still calling anyone (who hasn’t yet been banned already) posting messages pointing out even that they are slightly uncomfortable with what he is saying as ‘idiots’. I dunno, maybe one protestor (or even a thousand) shot dead in a middle-eastern country doesn’t count in their ‘elevated’ circles because he’s ‘only a native’?

One regular poster, who calls himself (please don’t be beastly and laugh:), “Rorschach”, has actually bucked up enough courage to state that he like rilly, rilly ‘disagrees’ with like book burning and fascism. Hey!!!

Well, “Rorschach”, unfortunately merely looking down on the rest of us and wistfully electing to *disagree* on high from some comfortable safe bourgeouis ivory tower is NOT enough to fight fascism. I mean, *hello*!!!

Sure, I guess many ‘sophisticated’, ‘educated’ people, merely, in the words of PZ, learnt to shrug their shoulders when the above photo of the Nazis burning books at the University of Berlin in the 1930s was taken. Yeah, that made the “whole silly contretemps” (whatever that means in plain proletarian english) really go away then, didn’t it?

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