Now, what in the world would be the similarity between Juan Peron, former dictator of Argentina, and Professor PZ Myers, present dictator of Pharyngula?

More than you’d think, perhaps…?

Well, they’re both examples of demagogues with massive egos for a start.

Also, they’re both prime examples of populists – who like to think they’ve got the ‘power’ to appeal to what they (mistakenly) regard as the ‘masses’.

It’s kind of ironic, then, when what they mistake to be ‘power’ and popularity (supposedly through the dynamic force of the ‘greatness’ of their personalities) in fact masks something that is actually their profound and inescapable fundamental weakness: their desperate desire to be popular which means they’ll say or do (or, importantly in many cases, not do and pretend to ignore) whatever they calculate to be likely to make them unpopular amongst their support cults they have built up.

Hence, as a consequence of such a desperately pathological desier to maintain their popularity at all costs we find another astonishing similarity between Peron and PZee. Totalitarian, within the confines of their own insular minds and worlds they may be, but, at the same time, far from being powerful caudillos they, perhaps, could – on the contrary – more accurately be described as slaves to oligarchical populism.

Why, they’re so desperate not to upset the applecart that they’ll even tolerate (or at least ignore) the most obnoxious Nazis within their realms, that’s what! Just not to rock the boat and in the interests of keeping things peaceful and less challenging.

Yes, what’s glaringly clear – at least to the rest of us outsiders whose brains the keen-to-be-populist Professer failed to wash – is the amount of the Nazis and Crypto-Nazis who find asylum on Pharyngula; not just the latent Jewhaters and those weakling liberals like Rorschach who (like many cultured Germans of the 1930s & ’40s) shrug their shoulders and pretend to look the other way and even make excuses for fascism when real, scary Nazis turn out to play (I mean, paper progressive all of whom are ten a’ penny on Pharyngula) but we see there also people revealing some obviously latent anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic tendencies.

The phrases, words and themes that they dwell on are fairly easy to spot – even amongst those of us who are fairly unassuming and don’t tend to automatically read-between-the-lines.

Take, for instance, the following posts from a thread which appeared on Pharyngula the other day about this guy called Rabbi Daniel Lapin who claimed to have many atheist friends but found atheists to be largely parasites:


And I quote:

Posted by: hznfrst | September 15, 2010 8:25 PM
What’s the Yiddish word for ‘dick’ again?
What incredible nerve to single out a group and call them parasites, and this from someone whose homeland has been sucking on America’s overgenerous tit for the last 62 years!
Fuck him and FUCK ISRAEL! Let’s se how they get along with their lovely neighbors once we cut them off for good!

(I looked up Rabbi Lapin on Wikipedia and his ‘homeland’ is actually the Republic of South Africa. Just another example of how no matter how many Jewish people are maimed and die defending their country to a Jewhater they’ll always be seen as Israeli. Btw. considering their history, the USA bigging themselves up as the ‘land of the free’ and ‘over-generous’ is a wee, bit hypocritical isn’t it?)

Posted by: ‘Tis Himself, OM | September 15, 2010 8:49 PM
Parasites, where have I heard that term before? Oh yeah:
Never yet has a state been founded by peaceful economic means, but always and exclusively by the instincts of preservation of the species regardless whether these are found in the province of heroic virtue or of cunning craftiness; the one results in Aryan states based on work and culture, the other in Jewish colonies of parasites. -Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

Hmmm…I seem to recall that the above person posted a comment on this blog a few months ago informing me that I was ‘a fucked-up person’. Impressive that you can recite parrot-fashion large chunks of ‘the Fuhrer’s Masterwork, ‘mate. Maybe I should also take in a copy of Mein Kampf as some bedtime reading and cure my insomnia that way.

Posted by: Rey Fox | September 15, 2010 8:54 PM
Correction to the first footnote of my above comment: Have you ever seen a face you MORE wanted to forcibly insert a brick into?

Posted by: Rey Fox | September 15, 2010 8:58 PM
“But I did notice that he had a “are you serious; you really believe what you’re saying?” look on his face when the rabbi made his statement.”
Looked to me more like a smug, shit-eating grin. A “Ahhh, my hatreds are being justified by someone, a Jew, no less!” grin.
A grin that cries out for a brick.

Um…yes, you said…I think we get the general idea, ‘liebling’…

Posted by: Newfie | September 15, 2010 8:54 PM
Suspend Belief – Receive Bacon
from a Rabbi, no less

Oh no, not that old Jews n’ Pigskin thing: don’t you Nazi comics have any new material…like stuff that was written since 1945???

Posted by: Feynmaniac, Chimerical Toad Superhero. | September 15, 2010 9:08 PM
Just goes to show you that members of a hated minority can fail to learn from history and end up being just as bigoted as some of those in the majority.

Ha…to PZee, no doubt, an impartial opinion but to you, my friend, a dead give-a-way as a ten-a-penny Pharyngula Jewhater.

I mean, why assume that everyone else regards Jewish people as a ‘hated minority’ like you, bigot? Next…!!!

Posted by: ThirdMonkey | September 15, 2010 10:27 PM
Hey Rabbi Asshat! I am much better off now than when I was one of the blind sheep. I see the universe with eyes unclouded and I am happier for it! I am mentally stronger and can no longer be manipulated by the lies of people like you.
Rabbi Lapin, I can say with strong conviction, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You are a lying, scumbag, con-artist who has gained all of his wealth and power by keeping people ignorant so that you can steal from them. You are a flee, a tick, a blood-sucking leech and are beneath contempt. If I were saying this to your face I would spit on it.
Oh wait… was I being a dick?

Ah, at last, someone who cuts to the chase and doesn’t even bother to hide their Nazi credentials. Classic anti-Semitic analogy there.

Oh, and yes, you were.

Posted by: Rorschach | September 15, 2010 10:29 PM
Oh wait… was I being a dick?
Depends on who you ask.

Great to see certain self-styled, progressive German liberals have learnt so much in the years since the Third Reich that they put up such a vigorous fight against the plague of Nazism these days – unlike their historical antecedents of 1930s and ’40s vintage, of course;)

Posted by: Mattir | September 15, 2010 10:32 PM
Oh wait… was I being a dick?
Yes, but many people appreciate a highly skilled…

Translated as: Yay! No worries, Third Monkey you’re just our cuddly, resident Pharyngula Nazi bastard. Feel free to come here and spout hardcore extreme right hatespeak as much as you like. I mean, PZee’s not gonna ban ya – it’s not like you’re called Becky and you’re a transsexual who picks up on Our Lord PZee’s ‘imagined’ transphobia, or something:)

Posted by: ThirdMonkey | September 15, 2010 10:32 PM
Oh, and Rabbi, let’s compare our income tax returns before we talk about who is or isn’t a parasite.

Says Third Monkey: Hey, Rorschach n’ Mattir! I will, thanks, – I mean, let’s dole out that dusty old medieval stereotype about all Jews being wealthy and laden with gold. Cheers & (teehee) ‘Heil Hitler’!

Posted by: Rorschach | September 15, 2010 9:39 PM
It is not physically possible for me to watch any footage of Beck, it makes me ill.In this case it seems to be saving me from having to listen to some intolerant, reality-challenged jewish fringe loon, even better !

Translated as: Yay, well no offence Herr Third Monkey, but us peace-lovin’ German liberals and progressives don’t say that ‘Heil Hitler’ thing anymore – I mean, hey, that was all in the past anyway, wasn’t it? Tssk…although, strangely, as you can see the very look of some Jews makes me feel physically sick anyway. I mean, I don’t mind them being Jews (after all there’s not that many left in Germany in this day-and-age), but why do they…I mean, why some of them have to go around looking so Jewish?

Bah, Rorschach: some Superhero! As the skinhead said after beating up the 90-year-old nun: Thought you would have been tougher than that, Batman!

Oh well, don’t worry your pretty, little ‘progressive’ head about it, macho man defender of the weak etc. or whomsoever you’re currently fantisizing about being…(cue yawn): This stupid, little damsel for one, will save herself.

Right, now that we’ve dealt with the mice; in the interests of NEVER forgetting the sort of evil that PZ Myers and his merrie band of sycophants pathetically fail to stand up to by gingerly sweeping under the carpet in the interests of neatly maintaining group cohesion, how about some photographic documentation of the actual horrific work of Nazi vermin? Warning some very disturbing and heartbreaking images follow:


By the way, on second thoughts, I take that back about the similarity between Juan Peron and PZ Myers: Juan Peron was obviously much better at hiding his Nazi fugitives.

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27 Responses to OF MICE AND RATS

  1. “Posted by: Akira MacKenzie | September 16, 2010 9:15 AM
    Oh, Levin has said much, much worse things about atheists:

    Posted by: Akira MacKenzie | September 16, 2010 9:17 AM
    Whoops! Sorry, Lapin!”

    Oh, and “Akira”, FYI and that of anyone else who’d assume it, not every Jewish person is automatically bound to have surnames like Levin, Cohen, Goldberg etc…not any less so than everyone from the Asian subcontinent is automatically going to be called Patel, or indeed, any mistaken presumption that there aren’t necessarily any Japanese people around with a surname like ‘MacKenzie’, for instance. lol;)

  2. sciencegirl says:

    I think you are right at least with the first example you quote. Would this be the same hznfrst who’s banging on about the evils of multiculturalism on Pharyngula tonight? Strange how pz resists banning this far-right racist but bans you at that drop of a hat no matter how much I personally think you acted like an idiot on his blog and fully deserved to get banned I’d prefer to appease an idiot for longer than a nazi.


  3. Becky says:

    Er, thanks (?) sciencegirl.

  4. sciencegirl says:

    Don’t mention it.

  5. Fortinbras Armstrong says:

    Sorry that it’s taken me so long for this blog of yours to come to my attention, but there are a couple of things to point out about your rant. Specifically, that part of your rant referring to ‘Tis Himself. He is my twin brother, and there is something you might be interested in knowing: Our mother is a Jew. Moreover, she is an Austrian Jew who left Austria for the UK just after the Anschluss. Her parents, unfortunately, did not get out, and both of them were deported to Auschwitz in 1943.

    So calling him a Nazi is simply untrue. Both my brother and I are, for understandable reasons, very much interested in the history of the Nazi era, and it should not be surprising that he has actually read Mein Kampf (I started to, but it was so turgid that I quickly gave up on it). My brother was able to recall it because he remembers what he reads.

    And you seem to overlook the minor fact that it was actually Rabbi Lapin who was parroting the ideas of Mein Kampf. My brother was simply pointing this out. You might have had the grace to do so as well, but perhaps you are too filled with hate to be honest.

  6. Becky says:

    I do find the tone of your comment very snide – not to mention blinkered – but I’m very sorry to read about what happened to your grandparents on your mother’s side, Fortinbras Armstrong. I suppose I automatically put two and two together and made five – I guess that just because your twin brother associates with anti-semites on the Internet doesn’t automatically mean that he is one. Merely someone who stands by perhaps and does nothing about it…but then I suppose if he did stand up to them people might accuse him of being ‘full of hate’ and that would be social death etc.

    Arguably, he’s got his sex and gender as advantage there though. Being female does tend to help you to be labelled ‘full of hate’ much more easily than being male does, however, as a girl or woman who merely has what would normally be respected in a man as ‘having an opinion’ we’re apt to instantly be derided for availing ourselves of that which in a man is enshrined as a “God Given Right”. Yes, “enshrined as a God Given Right” (even by certain self-proclaimed atheists dare I say). So, one’s a deep thinker and the other get’s labelled a ‘mad, stroppy cow’. Funny that, ain’t it?

    As far as “rants” from ‘evil witch harridans’ like me go, though – I did think you’d have noticed a much better example of a “rant” in some of the quoted opinions above – particularly the ones which referenced “Jewish Leeches” and taunting Rabbis with bacon; smashing their faces in with bricks; claiming that Jewish people are unpatriotic aliens…oh, and the poster who ranted about “the Jewish fringe” (btw…can you enlighten me – is that some sort of new hairstyle fad?) Anyway, as you say, however could I have mistaken all that for anti-semitism or anything to do with the Nazi Party. Whatever was going through my pretty little head, eh?

    Your twin bro’ has been on my blog before you, fortinbras. A while back he decided to storm onto here telling me to f…ing think this and f…ing do that (ha! obviously not *a rant* of course ‘cos he was a guy); all in defence of a transphobic mate of his whom I’d had the temerity to mention that had set off on an unprovoked verbal attack upon me which involved referring to me as a “he/she/it” and sending me a death wish that I’d burn to death. Nevertheless, of course, I’m the one’s whom your bro’ describes as “one fucked up person”; not the one who’s sending death threats to me over the Internet.

    But then, as you say, perhaps I’m far too full of hate to be honest – so you obviously subsribe to the doctrine espoused by a certain gentleman known as Professor PZ Myers was right when he claimed that as a transwoman I wasn’t a real woman but – in his own words – a man called Donald.

    Still, I haven’t wished anyone to burn to death yet – or suggested they were subhuman, have I? But then again, you might be so ideologically brainwashed to believe that Becky Transsexual really does have horns, wields a pitchfork and rides around on a broomstick all day. Hmmm…I guess because it’s against some atheist’s religion to have a devil; they have to invent them instead?

    And, in a world where religious extremism and fundamentalism is becoming more and more frightening I do find it sad that some of its self-styled opponents nevertheless actually share the same attitudes and reactions towards transpeople that organisations like for instance the Westboro Baptist Church do. As the atheist who beat up the Nun said: Thought ya would’ve been tougher than that, Batman:)!

    Rational thought though, eh? But tell me, ‘cos I’m never sure which people are the worst: the one’s who visit suffering upon others because they are deranged with hate – or the totally rational one’s who know very well what they are doing is crazy and wrong but don’t care as they do so in order to jump on the bandwagon and keep in with the in-crowd entirely in the interests of self gain.

    Now how do you feel about me being referred to as a “he/she/it” and having it wished upon me that I should burn to death and your precious twin bro’ coming on this blog telling me that – in his own words – he f…ing endorses that? Do you have the courage and honesty to label that as hatespeak to? Because if you don’t then as far as I’m concerned you’re just another cowardly hypocrite jumping on the ‘i hates becky’ bandwagon.

    So, are you?

  7. Fortinbras Armstrong says:

    My tone might have been snide, but not wholly unjustified. You have determined that my brother is a Nazi based on his being able to come up with a wholly appropriate quote from Mein Kampf. It was appropriate because Rabbi Lapin was using exactly the same term — parasites — about atheists that Hitler used to describe Jews.

    About some of your other comments. You assume that I am an atheist, apparently because my brother is. In fact, I am a practicing Roman Catholic. About your being a transexual, since you are not a potential sexual partner, I could not care less. I have been happily married for well over 30 years, I cannot imagine myself having sex with anyone other than my wife. I might also mention that I have another brother, who is gay, and I love him dearly.

    I should say that PZ Meyers is not specifically antisemitic. Rather, he is a militant atheist, and excoriates believers of any stripe because they are believers. I went on his blog, and said that I am Catholic. I was told — not by PZ, but by others — that my remaining a Catholic means that at best I excuse pedophiliac priests, and at worst I actively support pedophilia by priests.

    While I was contributing to that blog, I said, in a very mild tone, that I had no trouble understanding why someone might choose to be an atheist. However, what I cannot understand is why so many atheists seem to be so nasty about it. The attacks on me were so intense that I have not posted anything further there.

    I did look up what you>/i> posted there, and I completely understand why you were unpopular. You certainly did seem to go out of your way to be offensive. My brother may have been rude and crude in his remarks to you here — and I will freely admit that he has a great deal of anger locked inside himself — but the phrase which comes to mind is “payback’s a bitch”.

  8. Becky says:

    Oh, so when atheists attacked you for being catholic they were “nasty” but when they attacked me for being transsexual you “completely understand why I was unpopular” because I was “offensive”? Says it all really.

    And you take pains to tell me that you have a gay brother whom you “love dearly”. Betcha’ “some of your best friend’s are Jews as well”, eh?;)

    Btw…why did you feel the need to make the point to me that you were “happily married” as really “I couldn’t care less”? I’m transsexual; not desperate.

    And “payback’s” a derogatory sexist term, eh? How about equal pay for equal work with sexist males for starters? Or does sexual and gender equality not sit well with “God’s Latest Representative on Earth”?

  9. Fortinbras Armstrong says:

    You went on the Pharyngula blog and were nasty from the get-go. You can go there and look up my posts, none of which can be termed “nasty”. That is a difference between us.

    I did not “take pains” to mention my gay brother. I mentioned him to fend off what I saw as an inevitable comment from you about how I must be prejudiced against LGBT people.

    Similarly, when I mentioned my wife, I meant something along the lines of “I am only interested in someone else’s sexuality if that person is an actual or at least potential sexual partner. I have had exactly one sexual partner for over 30 years, and I have no interest in any other one, so I have no interest in your sexuality.” I would have thought that was obvious from what I wrote, but apparently I was wrong.

    You wrote, “And ‘payback’s’ a derogatory sexist term, eh?” I never said nor implied that. And don’t try playing the victim card, which has nothing whatsoever to do with what I wrote.

    You are now soloing in this conversation.

  10. Becky says:

    Well the word “bitch” that you used is generally considered to be a sexist and misogynistic term by many people. Although, admittedly it was a bit nitpicky of me to have a go at you with regard to the context you used it in.

    You say that you’re not prejudiced against LGBT people. Since you describe yourself as a ‘practising catholic’ I’d be curious to know what you think of the Pope’s fairly recent outburst a few years back in which he criticized LGBT people, feminists and – in particular – anyone whom he viewed as a challenge to patriarchal gender norms. If you agree with the Pope does that not make you ‘prejudiced against LGBT people and also sexist. But is it possible to be a Catholic and not be in accordance with any given current Pope’s teachings?

    I’m also intrigued as to what made you decide to convert from Judaism to Catholicism.

    You also accuse me of being “full of hate”. However, one of us is religious here and another is not yet only one of us thinks that the other one should burn in hell for eternity because of it. Now, what was that about people in glass houses and who was it, again, who said “whoever should cast the first stone”?

    You say that “you couldn’t care less” about me being trans – although, some amongst PZ’s congregation would say “you couldn’t care less” about the child abuse in your church and are complicit in that by your silence. I emphasize; I didn’t say that – they did. On the thread you describe me on as being “nasty from the get go” I was actually trying to point out that some anti-Catholicism was based on sectarian hatred, that other religions could be bigoted too and that we should not fall into the trap of religious hatred and stopping people’s freedom of religion and to worship as they choose. For that, unlike you, I actually got called a paedophile as opposed to a paedophile enabler. But as I’m trans it’s more acceptable to say things to me and to treat me in such a way (i.e. dehumanise me by referring to me as “it”) than it is to someone like you who is cis.

    And how would you feel if someone referred to your wife as anything less than a woman? How would you feel if someone ridiculed her – defeminizing her by referring to her as a “bloke in a dress” as PZ Myers did to me in front of everyone in order to humiliate me? Would you also *walk-on-by” then? Nah, I forgot – that’s different, that’s your own family, isn’t it? Just like you came running to the aid of your brother on here who posted a message telling me that I was f…ed up and effectively advising me to take his transphobic mate, Cerberus’s death wish advice for me to go and burn to death “die in a fire”. Yet, I asked you if you condemn this and you’ve still failed to give me an answer so I can only assume that you wish that I’d burn in hell too. Remind me now, who’s “full of hate” again?

    The overall tone of your posts on my blog have had an underlying sneering taste of contempt to me on them (no signs of kindness, warmth, humour or humanity) yet I still allow you to post here and do not ban you for there are no cyber bastilles for people who disagree with me on my blog as there are on PZ Myer’s Pharyngula.

    Btw…Playing the victim card is the sort line that revisionists like David Irving give to holocaust survivors only they call it the holocaust card – which is pretty sick as I’m sure we’ll both agree on that one.

    You say I was nasty from the “get go” yet you have still failed to even admit to – let alone condemn – the transphobic bullying on that thread which some people indulged in; using this as an excuse to engage in transphobia. Yet, you say, you are “not prejudiced against LGBT people”. And there were also death threats and threats of violence from the people on that thread (your friends) as well as stuff which came perilously close to revisionism and holocaust denial. Now, as a Christian, can you tell me who was it who said: “Remove the speck out of your own eye…”?

    Yes, you proudly call yourself a Christian yet unlike the Good Samaritan you are prepared to cross over the road. How Un-Christian is that?

    Unlike you who dismiss and condemn me as “full of hate”, the opinion I have formed of you from this brief encounter (btw….totally unsolicited by me) is of someone who is indifferent to others apart from yourself and your own family and loved ones. I’ll just let you guess what mindset that reminds me of.

    Then – somewhat bizarrely (yes, totally out of the blue) you inexplicably bring up sex and sexuality into all of this. What on earth has being trans got to do with sexuality? I’m perplexed. Your posts here seem to beg more questions than they answer.

  11. Lemonade Lucie says:

    Erm……maybe I could suggest why this gentleman seems so ready to bring sex into all of this totally “out-of-the-blue” as it were.

    Becky have you actually seen what comes up (pun unintentional) amongst the results when you pop “beckytranssexual” into google lately? If you googled up Becky in the hope of finding some porn, Mr Armstrong, then you need to go here;)


  12. Fortinbras Armstrong says:

    It appears that you are admitting that I was not using “bitch” in a sexist and misogynistic way, but still want to hint that I am sexist and misogynistic. That’s not really honest of you, is it?

    It is certainly possible to be a Catholic and disagree with the Pope. Virtually all Catholics do so — see this story on Catholic use of contraception. On other blogs, I have written at length on why Pope Pius VI’s encyclical on contraception, Humanae Vitae is both bad moral theology (basically, it ignores motive) and badly reasoned (for one thing, he never actually defines “contraception”). I have also written on why the Vatican’s document on why women cannot be ordained to the priesthood, Inter Insigniores is crap — eg, it admits that the argument based on the supposed inferiority of women must be abandoned, but then sneaks it back in. And Pope John Paul II’s follow-up to Inter Insigniores, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis amounts to saying “Women cannot be ordained because I say so, now sit down and shut up”. This last would dissatisfy a seven-year old, let alone any adults. I could give you additional examples of my disagreement with the official Vatican line.

    So yes, I am a Catholic who regularly disagrees with the Pope. For a good book on the subject, see Papal Sins by Garry Wills.

    It’s really none of your business why I became and why I remain a Catholic.

    You say “The overall tone of your posts on my blog have had an underlying sneering taste of contempt to me on them (no signs of kindness, warmth, humour or humanity)”. I would point out that I came here because you attacked my brother in a very nasty and contemptuous tone. Since you showed not the slightest “signs of kindness, warmth, humour or humanity”, why should you expect it from others? What goes around comes around. Oh, and the “sneering contempt” that you detect on my part exists solely in your own mind.

    I came here because I tried googling my brother’s user name, “Tis Himself, OM”, to see if he used it somewhere other than Pharyngula. That’s how I came across your blog. Oh, and the people of Pharyngula are not my friends. I said, in as many words that I, personally, was attacked there and no longer belong to it because of those attacks.

    You say, “Yes, you proudly call yourself a Christian yet unlike the Good Samaritan you are prepared to cross over the road. How Un-Christian is that?” I have not “crossed the road”. I defended my brother from your gratuitous attack. Or do you see defending members of your own family from unwarranted attacks to be “unchristian”?

    You say “:Unlike you who dismiss and condemn me as “full of hate”, the opinion I have formed of you from this brief encounter (btw….totally unsolicited by me) is of someone who is indifferent to others apart from yourself and your own family and loved ones.”

    My dislike of YOU, which is growing stronger with each of your posts, has nothing to do with my attitudes towards others — something which you obviously know nothing about. Has anyone ever introduced you to the logical fallacies of the Hasty Generalization or the Unrepresentative Sample? Your statement is a prime example of both.

    “I’ll just let you guess what mindset that reminds me of.” That’s simple: It is quite obviously YOUR mindset.

    “Then – somewhat bizarrely (yes, totally out of the blue) you inexplicably bring up sex and sexuality into all of this.” Gosh, YOU say that you were attacked for being a transsexual. So the person who introduced sexuality was you, not me.

  13. Lemonade Lucie says:

    “I came here because I tried googling my brother’s user name, “Tis Himself, OM”, to see if he used it somewhere other than Pharyngula.”

    So you googled “naked cum shots” because you suspect your own twin brother of being a porn star?! SHAME ON YOU, FORTY!!!

    • Fortinbras Armstrong says:

      So you googled “naked cum shots” because you suspect your own twin brother of being a porn star?! SHAME ON YOU, FORTY!!!

      I suppose that you are trying to be funny, but you are merely succeeding in being nasty.

  14. Becky says:

    So who’s a-rantin’ and a-hatin’ now, Fortinbras? The first part of your post was informative as, since I’m not religious, I didn’t realise that there were so many varying opinions within the Catholic Church. Thanking you’s for that.

    As for the latter part, though: Well, whatever happened to that good ol’ Christian maxim – turn the other cheek and love they neighbour as thyself? That’s in the Good Book too, isn’t it?

    So too, is the expression “Live by the Sword; Die by the Sword” – perhaps something you might like to ponder when you consider that your brother originally came onto my blog unprovoked of his own free will – all guns a-blazin’, effin’ and a-blindin’ like some freaking atheistic stormin’ Norman wading ashore stripped to the waist in his camos! Oooo-er!!! (You mean, after that gentlemanly introduction he expected me to greet him in a grass skirt with garlands of flowers; a laurel, and hearty handshake, perhaps singing: ‘love is a many gendered thing’???)

    Look, I’m truly sorry if I offended you when I asked why you decided to convert from Judaism to Catholicism – I was just curious that’s all. Although – in some people’s eyes, however, this may make me a nosey interfering busybody it’s not as if I’m trying to violate your civil rights. I still really can’t see why you decided to become suddenly on the defensive about it. Now come on, now need to jump down my throat, this is hardly the Spanish Inquisition, eh?

    • Ben says:

      “Now come on, now need to jump down my throat, this is hardly the Spanish Inquisition, eh?”

      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Least of all if you’re a practising catholic. I mean what more do they want?!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lemonade Lucie says:

    “I still really can’t see why you decided to become suddenly on the defensive about it.”

    Maybe Fortinbras is secretly Robbie Coltrane in Nuns on the Run, Bex;)

  16. Becky says:

    lol…well at least he’s gotten into some good habits;);):)!

  17. Fortinbras Armstrong says:

    As for the latter part, though: Well, whatever happened to that good ol’ Christian maxim – turn the other cheek and love they neighbour as thyself? That’s in the Good Book too, isn’t it?

    As I said previously, I responded to you because you gratuitously and ignorantly attacked my brother.

    perhaps something you might like to ponder when you consider that your brother originally came onto my blog unprovoked of his own free will

    He posted here after you had falsely called him a Nazi. That is provocation.

    Look, I’m truly sorry if I offended you when I asked why you decided to convert from Judaism to Catholicism – I was just curious that’s all.

    You didn’t offend me with that question, it’s just none of your business. Nor am I being defensive about it. Tell me, if I asked you why you decided to change your gender, would you say that answering it with “It’s none of your business” is being defensive?

    You did offend me by assuming, based on nothing more than your own prejudices, that I do not care about others.

    This conversation is becoming weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable.

    • Becky says:

      “He posted here after you had falsely called him a Nazi. That is provocation.”

      That’s simply is not true, Fortinbras – and I can prove it.

      Your twin brother, ‘Tis Himself, posted on this blog on August 7th 2010. This post – that you are referring to – in which you claim I called him a Nazi is dated September 16th 2010. So how can August 7th 2010 be after September 16th 2010? Thus, your twin brother’s post was the gratuitous and unprovoked one. He initiated contact with me; not the other way around. Isn’t “do not bear false witness” one of the 10 commandments that you as a Christian must abide by – or is that one optional now?

      By the way, it would appear that your brother is either a coward and a weakling and needs you to fight his battles for him when somebody decides to hit back at one of his bizarre unprovoked attacks – or maybe it’s really that he just can’t be arsed to come on here and back you up because for some reason unbeknown to me he doesn’t think you’re worth it.

      Unless, of course, it is you who are really ‘Tis Himself and have come onto my blog pretending to be Fortinbras Armstrong so that he doesn’t get the brunt of any brown stuff that may hit the fan as a calculated consquence of hiding behind his own twin brother who does.

      Just sayin’;)

      • Lemonade Lucy says:

        “Unless, of course, it is you who are really ‘Tis Himself and have come onto my blog pretending to be Fortinbras Armstrong”

        Aww..what’s the matter Forty? Haven’t you been feeling yourself lately? Now I did send you the link to “naked cum shots” just to help you get yourself in hand………..

  18. Carmen says:

    “Gosh, YOU say that you were attacked for being a transsexual. So the person who introduced sexuality was you, not me.”

    Fortinbras: Becky didn’t introduce sexuality by claiming that she was attacked on the pharyngula blog for being transsexual. You are getting a person’s sexuality (i.e. if someone is straight, gay, bi etc) mixed up with a person’s gender identity (e.g. whether someone is trans or cis). You probably got the idea that transsexual was something to do with sexuality because the trans has the sexual tag on the end of it. Admittedly transsexual is a bit of a misnomer as it has more (if it’s not exclusively) to do with gender……..

    Your brother who goes by the moniker of ‘Tis Himself came on here back last year calling Becky “One fucked up person” which i’m sure you’ll admit is pretty nasty. That was the first time she’d ever met him. He was totally unknown to her before that and he decided to come on Becky’s blog and make a totally unprovoked attack upon her – supposedly in defence of another pharyngula blogger who goes by the name of Cerberus who (amongst other vile and 100 per cent transphobic things) told her to go die in a fire.

    Ps FYI I am also a transwoman and i find PZ Myers bravo belgium post and the reactions to Becky’s criticism of it (including Cerberus’s) as classic downright transphobia and yes i’m offended by it. Think they’ve shown their true colous – or at least some of them taht is.

  19. Becky says:

    Oh well, looks like Fortinbras/’Tis Himself has finally gone, folks. Was it something we said? Or perhaps he’s just continuing his chronological walk backwards towards Christmas?

    But someone puhleeze get me PZ Myers and the sceptical crowd on the blower – and don’t forget to give the Pope a bell, too: I think we’ve just had a visitation by The Primadonna, n’est pas?

  20. Ben says:

    Off he goes
    on his toes
    ‘Tis Himself?
    Who the fuck knows………?

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