Ed Miliband: New Labour Party Leader

So, Ed Miliband has won the Labour Party leadership contest and is now the new Labour Party leader.

Surprise, surprise: what’s the first thing we hear about him as a criticism? Nope, you nor I probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but to the paranoid conspiracy theorists of the Internet (plus a few insignificant ex-public schoolboy media-ocrities)…shock, horror – he’s Jewish!!!

Um…not that…ahem…technically, he actually is a Jew; as he’s an atheist and (apparently – as far as I can gather because I’m an intellectual duffer who doesn’t really follow politics that much) he’s fairly to the left of the Labour Party anyway, bordering on Communist or (specifically) Marxist.

However, the conspiracy theorists and upper class snobs still argue, he *does* comes from a Jewish background.

Um, no actually, again he doesn’t. Sorry to disappoint you, erm… *volks*, but neither of his parents are actually practising Jews as such and neither were his grandparents – who have all been Communists. Funny sort of ‘Jewish background’, that? Even by crazed conspiracy theorist standards that really is pushing it a bit, isn’t it?

Yet, incredulously, they still persist. Here’s some examples from the comments section of one particular Torygraph article.

09/12/2010 09:48 PM
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Well there are two north Londons. The first is where well healed leader writers and LSE lecturers live, the second consists of the sink estates where many third world immigrants live among an indiginous broken by welfare and family breakdown. I suspect there weren’t many children from the latter in your prep school.
As for Jews having values that we should copy; well close knit families and parental values are not unique to that group. You should have also mentioned to be fair that their father Ralph was a leading Marxist and supporter of the “Frankfurt school”. This group which consisted of mainly Jewish Marxist academics has given the intellectual impetus to Trotskyist and Marxist groups in the west which have sought to destroy the traditional family. Ironic eh?
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Oh noes, not the ‘Frankfurt School’! Oh, hang on, isn’t Frankfurt in Germany…you know, that place, where your ‘Master Race’ comes from. Tsskk…thought you would have been pleased that they got a good German education.

09/12/2010 08:34 PM
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I wish that the Milliband brothers were Zionist. They could emmigrate to Israel and ruin that nation rather than this one.

Um, well according to most of the other conspiracies crazies they are supposed to be extreme Zionists who have dual loyalty to Israel. They’re not, of course. In fact, they’re very critical of Israel (a lot more than a whole lot of other people and Ed Miliband certainly a whole lot moreso than any other Labour leader who has gone before – you could say he’s the Labour leader who’s the biggest critic of Israel yet). This hasn’t gone unnoticed. They’re critical to the extent that the Israelis regard them as an enemy of Israel.

09/12/2010 07:52 PM
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Surely we are not allowed to mention the fact that the Milibands are Jewish? Comments have been deleted for as much!
I suppose if as above the empasis is on what a wonderful, self sacrificing hard working commuity they are, so responsile and public spirited then it’s OK.
No mention of the Shylock sterotype, and all those dangerous intellectuals responsible for the Russian Revolution them.
Sycophantic eulogies –OK!

“Surely we are not allowed to mention the fact that the Milibands are Jewish?”

Um…do get with the programme, old bean. That, in actuality, is ALL that the gutter press and the cyberbigots seem to have been doing. Oh, and btw, again they’re not actually Jewish. I mean, in the same comment, you talk about Russian revolutionaries…who were actually Communist.

What’s even scarier, though is the amount of recommendations that these loopy comments have got (and they’re not the only ones) in relation to one of the few sane comments on the thread.

09/14/2010 10:08 PM
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What has their religion got to do with anything? what a load of tosh, Amy Winehouse is Jewish and from North London, she has been lost to drugs, alcohol and sex and maybe other vices I don’t even know about. I can’t tell if this article is supposed to be racist, or self congratulatory given your own claim of Jewish herritage. But basically it is ridiculous, you sir are a complete ….

Indeed. There’s good and bad in all kinds – surely a given. Yet only one recommendation in comparison to the 50s, 40s, 30s and 20s of the wacky anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist ones.

Yup, totally depressing, and this isn’t the only ‘respectable’ supposedly non Neo-Nazi site that has been swamped by slurs aimed at what should be something totally irrelevent in the world of Con, Lib, Lab British politics…i.e. someone’s perceived Jewish ancestry.

Mind you, I often sometimes wonder if the real reason is the fact that Ed Miliband went to a comprehensive school and has risen to the top of a political oligarchy still dominated by wealthy ex-public schoolboys.

Oh, but I forgot, all us Jewish people are supposed to be loaded with money, right?

Yeah, tell me about it!

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