So, an 18-year-old Dallas high school student has been denied the opportunity to run as homecoming queen purely because she is transgender.

Despite having been voted for by the majority of her classmates, the school principal will not allow her to compete, but adds – somewhat sneeringly – that she can still put up for homecoming king.

You know what? I don’t think such a person – who so obviously doesn’t have the best interests of her students at heart – is fit to be a school principal or, indeed, to work with young people at all. Sack her, that’s what I say! Let her get a job as a ‘journalist’ on a tabloid newspaper, or something…and – most importantly – employ someone of true integrity who is more capable of doing the job.

Oh, and let Ms Moreno run for homecoming queen. Land of the Free, by the people; for the people and all that jazz…???

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  1. amy says:

    so pretty too..anyone hear about the singer Bralalalala recently molested by the Spider Man 4 art director at his house through the help of his girlfirend? They made a hate site about her after she filed a police report on him: (their site) (hers)

  2. Reality says:

    He’s a male…how can he be homecoming Queen……get over it…HE IS A GUY!!! It’s that fucking simple.

    • She is transgender and she identifies as female, Reality. Amongst other things, there is scientific evidence to show that an area of the brain called the hypothalamus is the same size in trans women as it is in cis women. Moreover, as human beings we are all unique individuals and to take away our own identity is to attempt to rob us of our humanity which is our inalienable right. Ms Moreno deserves as much of an equal right to her own identity as every single one of us. When a gender paranoid society is so full of insecurity that it cannot except this it actually says more about the sexist transphobic world that we live in than it does about the authentic and consequently brave attempts of transgender and non-binary people to live their lives true to themselves.

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