Oh dear, the Mail on Sunday has got its collective unterhosen in a bit of a twist over the latest antics of a certain Charlie Gilmour (son of guitarist, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame) who was snapped swinging from a Union flag hung from the Centotaph in Whitehall during last Thursday’s student demo.

Aside from the immediate question, of quite why a publication like the Mail should suddenly be so defensive of the memory of millions of people who died 70 years ago valiantly fighting against a certain political ideology that the Mail and its upper crust owners fully backed at the time (a typically notorious contemporary Mail headline celebratory of treason which read: ‘Hoorah for the Blackshirts!’, springing to mind anyone?), t’would also appear that 88 (hmmm…given its Nazi past is that number by accident or sinister design?) Mail readers seem to be in desperate need of an optician:

He is a very pretty girl and an idiot.
– Jane, Essex, 12/12/2010 10:17

Um…actually “Jane”, the person on the left-hand side of the photograph in the rather fetching red coat is actually his sister, Alice. I mean, like DOHHHHHHHHHHH….

But, yeah, unbelievably – to date – the aforementioned comment has been recommended by 88 online readers.

Curiouser too, that “Graham Johnson” our intrepid Mail reporter should add needless, irrelevant, space-wasting words to his text such as the pure bloody obvious fact that Mr Gilmour Jr. has long hair. Erm…we can actually see that, Graham sweetie. Errr…that is those of us who are not amongst the 88 Mail readers who appear to be in desperate need of the services of a professional optician.

Tellingly though, any typical Fail article – being ever the literary version of getting “fucked over” by the proverbial National Front skinhead – is always sure to leave its football firm calling card by putting the boot in on the way out:

The boot was attached to some sort of pole,

Aaahhh…”some sort of pole”, ya say? Ach ja! Might have thought they’d be at the bottom of it somehow because, after all, ROOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THIS IS SPARTA ahem…the Mail; a parallell universe where, as we all know, the Polish people are to blame for everything – probably even in some perverse, round-a-bout Mail twisted way making life so hard for those poor, upstanding Germans and upsetting them so much during World War II.

Dastardly schweinhunde! If they don’t want our jackboot up their arse then vot are they doing occupying Danzig!


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