Irony No.1: Valletta, Malta - with its archaic buildings - has a progressive approach towards its LGBTQ folk.

Which news do you want first? The good news:

After, 3 long years, 29-year-old Joanne Cassar – a transwoman from Malta – has won the right to marry her boyfriend.


“This was in breach of Ms Cassar’s fundamental human right to respect for family life and her right to marry.
“When I heard the judge read out the judgment I couldn’t believe it… I wanted to phone everyone I knew… I started from my mother and father,” Ms Cassar said with a surprising look of sadness in her eyes. “All this forces me to remember the hardships I had to endure to achieve what is mine by right,” the 29-year-old said.”

Or the bad news:

A transwoman from Hong Kong – known only as W – has lost her fight to marry her boyfriend. In a legal decision that combines at once transphobia and homophobia, she is not recognized as female under Chinese law and since this aspect of Chinese law is homophobic as well as transphobic it states that only two people of the opposite sex are allowed to marry. Kind of a double whammy, then.


Irony No.2: Hong Kong - with its proudly futuristic buildins - has a reactionary approach to its LGBTQ folk.

And, just why does ‘The State’ in some countries still assume that it has the right to come between two people who love each other anyway? The forces of the establishment are forever trying to say that LGBTQ people are more promiscuous than heterosexual and cis people (which, of course, is a load of reactionary rubbish) yet when a transwoman wants to commit to a monogamous relationship and marry her partner or, for instance, two gay men want to marry or two lesbians want to marry they get stomped on by the system!

Just what the heck are they afraid of…??? Society realising that, hey, we’re just like everyone else – namely, we come in all shapes and sizes, all political inclinations, all different types of characters – we’re good, bad, indifferent, exciting, boring whatever and, here’s the big ‘shock horror’:

We mostly (in common with those outside of the LGBTQ community) just want the chance to live a happy and productive life.

Then again, perhaps it’s something like because to admit and recognise that we are just ordinary people who happen to be LGBTQ would rob the heteronormative establishment of the propaganda value of scapegoating us as akin to a group of vampires who eat babies?


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