Paedo suspect commits homophobic attack in an attempt to woo youngsters.

Silvio Berlusconi, suspected paedophile, yesterday

A man awaiting trial after being accused of having sex with an underage child has also attempted to groom a group of youngsters with a homophobic attack, it emerged yesterday.

Failed circus clown Silvio Berlusconi, 75, of Rome, Italy, was caught hanging around outside a local church, attempting to solicit a group of young people by launching a sick homophobic attack in a desperate effort to gain their affection. It is thought that Berlusconi, soon to be standing trial for having sex with an underage girl, was trying to deflect attention away from himself in order to gain the trust of, and ultimately access to, a catholic youth group, although it is not yet known whether his aim was to gain membership of a larger paedophile ring.

Berlusconi (now known by the internet alias ‘moralitycrusader666′) – who also has links to a Libyan butcher suspected of masterminding the Lockerbie terrorist bombing – was implicated in the death of a transwoman under mysterious circumstances several years’ ago.

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