So, today President Sarkozy’s much-discussed burqa (and niqab) ban comes into force in France. The male-dominated authorities say that this is not motivated out of Islamophobia – in fact they claim it has nothing to do with religion at all. No, they say they are doing it for women – because they have an overpowering commitment to fight sexism and defeat oppressive patriarchal, gendered dress codes.


Then, I take it they’ll also be banning Christians from requiring women to wear a hat and men to take off a hat in church and Jews for requiring men to wear a hat and women to take off a hat in synagogue? Btw…C’mon make up yer minds, folks;)!

Um non.

Umm…well at least then, they’ll be banning all those workplaces and educational establishments which require women to wear skirts and cosmetics in order to emphasize a traditionally male-contructed ‘feminine’ appearance and all those places (including posh French restaurants) which require men to wear a cloth phallus around their necks which advertises – “hey, I have a floppy penis and now it’s gone all limp and soggy because it’s dangling in your soup” – otherwise known as a tie??

Well, non.
*cue painfully stereotypical gallic shrug of shoulders a la Maurice Chevalier*

So, well, at the very least they’ll not be making the definition of what makes a real woman as being dependent on how big her breasts are then???

Well, apparently…


Cos it’s all about a male-dominated autocracy telling the rest of us what we can and cannot wear, n’est pas?

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4 Responses to QUELLE DIFFERENCE…?

  1. Lemonade Lucie says:

    Well Bex, amongst all this sudden outburst of concern amongst largely French male legislators to act to stop men oppressing women by telling them what to wear I haven’t yet seen them ban those male bosses who force their female waiting staff employees to wear ‘uniforms’ of ultra-short skirts and tight skimpy tops with the intention of hooking male customers in. Obviously men forcing women to wear less isn’t as sexist as men forcing women to wear more. Funny that.

  2. Becky says:

    Excellent and insightful point, Lucie. You’d think it would be, wouldn’t you? After all, if the oft-stated anti-sexism claim is the main motivation behind the burqa/niqab ban then surely it should apply to ALL instances where someone is compelled to dress in a certain way purely in the interests of promoting sexist gender stereotypes? That’s why I, for one, am highly suspicious of this move by the French government.

  3. Lemonade Lucie says:

    Well it does say a lot when the right-wing redtopped tabloids are hailing France’s burqa ban as a liberation for women. Now contrast this with the tabloid tone a few years back when a TUC report came out which criticised employers who force their female staff to wear high-heels as part of a workplace gender-specific dress code or uniform. The TUC did so to highlight a genuine medical report which found that standing around all day without a break in certain high-heeled shoes for a certain length of time is a sure fire way to damage our feet.

    Instead, the right-wing feminist-hating UK press spread a campaign of deliberate misinformation which spinned this as: “TUC BANS WOMEN FROM WEARING HIGH HEELS”. And the scary thing is that this blatant lie spread right across the board – on TV news programmes included. The only place I saw the truth about what the TUC actually did say was one or two reports in the Guardian.

  4. Becky says:

    Typical Mail (oops…no pun intended). I noticed that too at the time, Lucie.

    Did you also notice back last year, the reaction of the Mail et al when some equality body dared to point out the bleedin’ obvious: i.e. that school’s which have gendered dress-codes/uniforms are not only reinforcing patriarchal sexist gender stereotypes but are also by extension transphobic and help to make life extremely hard for transkids? They made the rather meek suggestion of allowing school uniforms to have a unisex option…perhaps.

    Cue a myriad of outraged commenters on the threads on the online version of their filthy little rag! Well, well, well…I never realised that so many middle-aged males would be so up-in-arms about the prospect of schoolgirls being ‘forbidden to wear short skirts’ as the Mail so inaccurately spinned it. I mean, what’s it to them anyway and why are they so obsessed? Or is it that they spend so much time ogling underage little girls in short skirts? All coming out now, eh fella’s…

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