"Did you know, Sister, that Saint Paul says that empty vessels make the most noise?"

Now, it’s hard to truly capture what that feels like, because what this induces is generally a feeling of gender dysphoria. A reminder that one’s birth sex, perhaps the sex the world sees you as is not your true internal sex (the sex your brain sees itself as). An attack of self-loathing, self-doubt, of being wrong, insecure, and frightened.

One gets to experience all that, because one needed to poop.

I mean “Frakking Bathrooms”, eh? “Our”, “My” Communities “We” etc. etc. etc., eh?

But, pray tell me, was this the same self-appointed cyberwarrior against transphobia who linked to my blog, a few months ago, and then wrote the following?

Well, apparently the annoying cis-male catholic apologist troll Becky Transsexual has decided to start trolling my blog on a regular basis after his banishment to the Pharyngula dungeon.
And he’s using as his fake email address and posting somewhere from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
I’m not entirely sure what I should do with the posts. I’ve just deleted them because they are just as stupid, non-sensical, and openly trolling as they were, but I’m wondering if I should start letting some of his posts through because they really are a sad piece of art in what they consider invective.
Last post from her which is currently sitting in my blog’s trash:
“Cerberus is actually a dog: in the Greek legend Cerberus is the three-headed guard dog of Hades.”
No shit, that’s the exact myth my nym is referencing.
So that means my tiny no-reader blog has already had visits from Dr. Mabus’s magical bus of crazy (one-stop tour) and the asshole nyming himself Becky Transsexual (apparently permanent resident if the last four days or so of scattered commenting is anything to go on).
But mystery solved.</

Just one thing though; generally-speaking, referring to a transwoman as “he”; sometimes even “it” or telling her to “die in a fire” or otherwise abusing her or dehumanizing her is actually a wee bit transphobic. I mean, even if you think it’s a-okay because you’re some ‘cool’ atheist polywhatsitthingy and not some extreme right-wing religious nutjobthingy praying for her to burn to death in hell as a punishment it…um…still means you’re like praying for her to burn to death…um in a fire – kinda same diff, eh?

Oh, and another thing, there is one other reason why an individual might need to use a “fracking bathroom” apart, that is, from taking a dump, having a piss, wanting to wash one’s hands or touch up one’s lippy: Sometimes you just gotta find some place to vomit. I mean, like when some all slicked-up, right-on politico makes some grande finger-waggin’ speech instantly claiming to be on behalf of the rest of us – but turns out to be a hypocrite.

For it’s not only religious fundamentalist pontificator types who get caught out failing to practice what they preach…And ya don’t always need to enact a male-defined law to scapegoat a shedload of burqa-clad muslim women to be in on it all when once that metaphorical veil slips and some of us get to know the truth.

“Frakking bathrooms”, eh? Sometimes, when you don’t have some shitpan to puke into it’s almost enough to make a transgal self-immolate!

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2 Responses to SISTER ACT

  1. Lemonade Lucie says:

    I always wondered what the true meaning of “Sister Act” was. Do believe you’ve created an entirely new definition there, Bex.

  2. Carmen says:

    Uh oh…in this case, Cerberus seems to believe in don’t do as i do do as i tell you! Sadly like so many self promoting politicians these days there’s seldom not another self-serving motive far away. No wonder us humble electors are so cynical about politics – including gender politics. Which sadly is also dangerous as equal bathroom rights and transpeople is an extremly important topic. We’ve all been there.

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