SHERIFF DON: NOT WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE! To You a bargain at $0,000

Well, lookee what we got ourselves here! Not only is this sheriff a homophobe but he’s an anti-semite into the bargain. Oi vey, that’s what ya call a bargain?!!

Ain’t from round these parts are yer, boy? ‘Cos we don’t like this. We don’t like none of this homophobia or anti-semitism round here ‘cos this here’s a queer shtetl, d’ya hear?

So I suggest you get back up on yer hoss, saddle up and ride straight outta town. And don’tcha go startin’ none them thar pogroms over Easter or the chocolate eggs that the Easter Bunny left for you will be deeeeestroyed!

Zat guuuuuuuuuuud!!!!!!!!!!!

Class dismissed. Happy Easter y’all:)

Regards, Beckysville Welcoming Committee

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