Beckytranssexual’s Wanker of this Week award goes to 18-year-old royal guardsman, Cameron Reilly

Guardsman Reilly: You 'orrible little man...

(and his brave facebook ‘mate’ who unfortunately can’t be with us today as he seems to have gone AWOL now that the shit’s hit the fan).

Yes Sirree, two gentlemen of a military bent, whom – amongst other leisurely activities – wile away their stint in HM Forces paid for courtesy of British taxpayers’ hard-earned pennies by fantisizing about shooting Jews (btw it’s only fair to warn you gents that they’ve now developed a habit of shooting back that started since around the 1940s); making racist remarks about Pakistanis in London (in one’s own broken english – or was it some sophisticated, in-crowd intellectual homage to Chaucer that we out-plebs will just never understand?) and boasting of “attacking a black man” whilst on leave recently (btw…judging by Guardsman Reilly’s photo – about turn, eyes right – might one be altogether too unreasonable in assuming that the aforementioned “black man” emerged victorious in that particular engagement?)

Oh, and he also got weally, weally, weally upset when soon-to-be Pwincess Kate neglected to wave at him when she passed with Wills in the Royal Carriage the other day. In fact, so hurt was Guardsman Reilly by this perceived slight that he tearfully flounced off at the double and wait for it, WAIT FOR IT……..threw a total bitchfest diva about it on his sob sodden facebook page.

Oh well, guess the military training kicked in and it all went Bambi First Blood III, eh:)

Awww never mind Guardsman Reilly. Had Prince Charming had made the right choice and had me *in his sights* instead of her, soon-to-be Princess Becky would have acknowledged you with a salute as our fairtytale coach drove past your buckfast tin-soldier sentry box outside Buck House – albeit a two-fingered one, though.

I mean, really Guardsman Reilly?

Though, looking on the bright side please allow me to reassure you should have no fear in defending your position from attacks by hordes of Jewish and Muslim natives intent on slaughtering, cooking and serving you up at the Ritz a la falafel in some bizarre and sinister local interfaith semitic cockney ritual. For one thing, they don’t eat pork.

As for your now long-scarpered, loyal facebook ‘mate’, though: stupid boy – as far as I know the British Army doesn’t award a Conspicuous Medal for Absence; only for Gallantry. And addressing one of your future queens as “a stuck-up cow” can hardly be classed as gallant, can it?

So from now on, do be a sweetie, and stick to whitewashing those jolly old bollocks, will ya Old Chap?

Tsskkkkk….Just can’t get the staff. What, what?!

Prince William with fiancee, Kate Middleton

Off with his head: Guardsman Reilly with companion, Ms Smirnoff

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