Osama bin Laden: "Reports of my recent demise have been grossly exaggerated."

Hmmm…after a decade, “Uncle Sam” may well have finally topped the fecker (although we have no evidence) but anyways that really doesn’t make much difference at all.

In fact it makes things even worse…

For if American troops really did corner Osama bin Laden in a hideout somewhere in Pakistan they really missed a golden opportunity by gunning him down a la cowboy style instead of capturing him alive.

a. Capturing him alive would go a large part of the way to prove that the actual criminal suspect has been apprehended (*Please note: the only “evidence” of a corpse that has materialised to date has been a poorly photo-shopped photo);

b. Capturing him alive would mean that he would be forced to go on trial, face the music and answer publicly for his crimes – as the Nazis (or at least some of them) did at Nuremburg;

c. Capturing him alive would have meant that they could have interrogated the suspect and, thereby, opens the possibility of gaining invaluable intelligence information on the al Qaeda organisation.

But that would have made one crap action movie, wouldn’t it?

And, besides, how else is the macho gung-ho USA going to find an “excuse” to pull out of the war in Afghanistan (which it has become painfully obvious that the coaltion forces aren’t winning) without losing face, eh?

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