Well actually, I have, met a nice South African that is but I’ve never met a nice anti-semitic Boer or any other type of rampaging snorting beast with bigoted tendencies for that matter…

Anyways there’s this card called Bruce Gorton who is a South African who dismissed my idea that much of the language from certain commenters on Rabbi Averick’s post at Allgemeiner blog was anti-semitic. He even went so far as to say that I must be mistaken because Becky was effing well projecting her own anti-semitism. See here:


Bruce Gorton
May 30, 2011
12:27 pm
Okay, somebody answer this question – how the eff do peddling and pushing refer to Judaism?
In the slightest?
Maybe Becky is projecting her own anti-semitism on others. Because you know, referring to people who sell stuff? Isn’t race specific.

Hmmm…however, following this I did spot one problem with his conclusion – apart from the fact that not even I am stupid enough to be anti-semitic when I am partly chosen myself…ahem…anyways…

I re-read the posts today and there he is – this Mr Gorton chappie – on the very first post he makes against Rabbi Averick accusing him of ‘poisoning the well’…er, so not literally as he was using it as an analogy but wtf…POISONING WELLS??? What a bizarre analogy to make! Wherever would Brucie babe get such an idea stuck in his pretty little head? Erm…from archaic superstitious foul anti-semitic church promoted scapegoating lies, that’s how! Strange then that ya make so much out of being above that sort of thing, eh Bruce?!!! And accusing Jews of poisoning wells – fairly specific there wouldn’t ya say, fella?

Well, well, well (yeah, I know groan)…does indeed seem that there might be something valid in the point I make about subconcious anti-semitism after all. However, I googled *bruce gorton anti-semitism’ and some of the stuff I found seemed a bit more concious than subconscious. Apparently he runs a little blog called the Times (or something like that)…go here:


And on this one post in which he manages to simultaneously bash Muslims and Jews he propagates the tired old claim so beloved of the right-whingers everywhere that Jews have better treatment than everyone else…presumably ‘cos hey we controlz the meeja, right?

Oh dear…meefinks there’s a bit of projection going on there, mateyboy! But what ya complainin’ about? You’re the one with the krugerands!

Tssk…I dunno, the chutzpah!

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One Response to YAWN, YAWN…WHAT A BOER!

  1. Carmen says:

    And see the comment underneath this guy’s blog that you linked to:

    November 22, 2010 at 4:23 pm
    England is letting itself get eaten from the inside. You are letting your enemy live in your country. I saw the end of England when you let these people disrupt and disgrace your own soldiers on your ground on Rememberance day. England is falling.”

    Sounds like hardline EDL lingo to me. Scary.

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