How to make an atheist cross? Hmmm…Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction in terms?

Oh ye of little faith!

To all ya doubting Thomases out there: here’s one I, ahem…inadvertantly, crucified earlier…

You see, apparently I’m now being told by one of PZ Myers’ disciples that

    “I should be ashamed of myself!”

See here:

May 31, 2011
4:41 pm
I did click on the link you provided, LAWS, and there is no evidence whatever there that PZ Myers personally insulted you. It is a completely unsupported personal accusation, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Well, wooooooooooooooohooooooooooo…here endeth the second lesson!

Yikes! You sure is cross, KG; but ain’t that all a wee bit too patriarchally religious sounding for a self-avowed angry gnu atheist type, kimosabe?


This Sunday instead of slothfully lingering in bed half-pissed with a thumping hangover, I guess I’ll just have to get me up at the crack of dawn, take a punishingly ice cold shower, squeeze best I can into my old catholic schoolgirl innocent uniform (stop drooling Fortinbras) and drag my wickedly bad self along to confession. Yea, forgive me father I have sinned for I have taken his eminence PeeZee’s name in vain in a public place; in a public forum. Indeed, is nothing sacred? Hath this wicked Jezebel Beckytranssexualz no shame?!

Yup, looks like I’ll just have to atone for my sins by dropping down on my knees, saying 666 Hail PeeZee’s…and then, of course, shuffle shame-laden off to some murky back room to self-flagellate myself.

Oh wait…skip the last bit: perhaps it’s best not to mix business with pleasure after all.

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