Uh-Oh…Somebody looks like an ‘Accommodationist’, then.

bosom budieeez: x2 accommodationists shittin' out their tree; b.o.r.i.n'.P.Z.

Professor Richard Dawkins (who is a famous anti-semitic conspiracy theorist) is blocking out of those of us who can’t afford £80,000 per year for ‘higher’ education tuition fees. Apparently, the likes of us are “only fit for washing dishes at t’ minimum wage” href=”http://http://www.varsity.co.uk/opinion/3653″> Btw…Thanxxx Hugo, sweetie O:)x

Transphobe PZ Myers also supports this because so far he has refused to denounce Richard Dawkins’ political position. He claims, somewhat weedily, that the protestors in the above video were ‘aiming at the wrong target’.

Pathetic. PZ, you may not think of Becky Transsexual as much of a “woman” (whatever that means) but until you’re prepared to openly criticize Richard Dawkins does that really make you much of a “skeptic” (whatever that means).

However, just why do we need such “professors” anymore?

Why not take the means of education into our own hands and self-educate ourselves?

If no-one bothered to turn up for their lectures then they’d just have to fend for themselves in the real world like the rest of us ‘minimum wage scum’ and then what’s the betting that the gutter press tabloids would also label them as *feckless* disgusting criminals too, eh?

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