PZ Myers: The hand of paternalism strkes again and gropes for pseudo-feminist cisprivileged applause.

Oh dear, seems like PZ Myers et al are now letting their cisprivilege shine through and describing me as a ‘drag queen’ and ‘a woman pretending to be a man’ (well actually to show how feminist they are they use the word ‘chick’ to describe a woman). Anyways…:


Yup, these supposedly brainy, uber-qualified, sophisticated and self-proclaimed ‘feminist’ and ‘radical’ folk at Pharyngula, don’t seem to realise that a drag queen and a transwoman are not the same thing. In fact, if they hadn’t have told me I would have assumed that they were neither feminist nor radical at all. Perhaps this might have something to do with them reverting to exactly the same transphobic, misogynistic and sexist script as the chauvinist pigs and downright transphobic bigots.

I note that PZ Myers on his Dungeon page also tried to suggest that the person posting under the name ‘Pakistan’ who got banned directly after me was actually a pseudonym for me…in fact, he suggests to everyone that Becky is really a man called Donald. So you were the instigator of the consequent transphobia I’ve had thrown at me from your disciples, ‘Professor’ Myers.

Anyone who now doubts that PZ Myers and many of the commenters on Pharyngula aren’t sexist, transphobic and for that matter also racist, anti-semitic, islamophobic and classist snobby bigots is really sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the evidence.

However, unquestioning faith in the demagogue PZ Myers will probably make them oblivious to any reality checks. Cult of the Personality indeed!

Hmmm…now I come to think of it, I forgot to add that they don’t make very good rationalists or skeptics either.


strangegodsbefore me, who is the editor of Pharyngula Wiki has kindly now amended the post to read this:
The Coilette: A man pretending to be a woman to use the Mama Grizzly strategy. Only really worth postulating when they start using the exact same language as another troll who just stopped posting. Nothing at all to do with actual transgendered or transexuals or gender identity. Simply refering to a ploy trolls use

Okay. Fair enough, let’s give credit where it’s owed. strangegodsbeforeme: Many thanx for that. Rarely I’ll say this for a Pharyngula poster but: respect due.

Becky x

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