Troika of Evil: Darn' Commie Un-American North Korean-Jewish ridiculously irrational racist Nazi-style imagery 'kindly' provided by a Pharyngulite regular on his blog.

It’s probably an understatement to say that sometimes I worry about the motivations of some of the more nastier characters who post regularly on PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula. Unfortunately, sometimes by clicking on the links to their webpages it does indeed appear that their motives are not all as entirely honourable as genuine skeptics like strangegodsbeforeme (*please note: even though we still disagree on most issues) referred to back in my last post.

Now it’s with sadness that I discover that one Pharyngulite, calling himself “Rorschach”, whose been noted for being at least on the edge of racism and anti-semitism before on this blog, is promoting racist, anti-semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian propaganda by urging his readers to go to the ‘Foreskin Man’ site, which features a comic about a Jew-fighting superhero by someone called Michael Hess.


Hmmm…btw are we absolutely sure that shouldn’t be Rudolf Hess now, Rorschach?

Whatever. It re-hashes some crazily disturbing yet banal anti-semitic and racist imagery. Note well how the Jews in the above example of Herr Hess’s ‘work’ are depicted as evil 1920s style gangsters with stereotypically asiatic features coming out of the darkness to snatch the children of stylistically ‘Aryan’ looking parents. The ‘oriental’ stereotype is no accident as many Nazi conspiracy theorists in the Third Reich seriously believed that Jews invaded from the east with the ‘Mongol’ hordes to destroy western so-called ‘civilization’. Ironic considering how much of the East was far more advanced in many ways and at a far earlier age (and still is) than Nordic Europe.

And what does our Foreskin endowed Superman look like…? Why, like this of course:

Foreskin Man: A Natural Blonde?

Somehow, no surprise there then.

And what of our resident Pharyngulite superhero, Rorschah, who’s marketing this stuff?

Well, it turns out that he’s not a crimebustin’superhero with superhuman powers called Rorschach after all, but according to his own blog he’s actually a middle-aged German chap called Martin who lives and works as a medical health care professional in Melbourne, Australia. (Yes, seriously;))

Asskickin’ Cyberseptix Batman! I mean, now there’s a surprise!

Oh well, this is the Internetz after alls. And, at least German doctors have a much better reputation statistically for keeping little Jewish babies ‘entrusted’ into their care safe than do Korean-Jewish gangsters.

Umm…don’t they?

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