Uh-oh…Over at ‘Aratina Cage’, someone seems to be getting very upset about being accused of being transphobic and sizeist all because he said something as innocuous as:

Aratina Cage:

“Fuck off Becky you trans fatty transsexual.”


“The Aratina Cage comment is awful. It’s insensitive and cruel, making fun of both transsexuals and fat people, apparently. Moreover, it’s stupid, unnecessary, and not funny. Why people want to spend their time on the internet calling each other names is beyond me. I don’t use “tranny” myself, but I can see situations where I might, as a term of affection, with someone I know well. If someone objects to my use of a word in a certain circumstance, I’ll apologize for my insensitivity and stop immediately. That hasn’t happened to me yet. So I hope I’m doing OK in that regard. Just because I don’t condone censorship, doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to social cues, and my goal, in general, is not to offend. On the other hand, I’m not offended by any gendered epithets. I don’t usually notice them, and when I do, I find them somewhat juvenile and silly. But I do get offended and/or hurt, however, when someone is intentionally cruel to me or others.”

I see your cisprivilege shinin' through: blu-"I don't use tranny myself"-harmony, alias ubiquitous interweb lightbulb head, Maria Maltseva

Nah, can’t possibly see how that makes “Aratina” transphobic, “bluharmony” or, ahem, in light of current events – dare I mention it, misogynist even;)

However, they’ve all made up now and are sitting all snug and cosy once more in their own little middle class microcosm as cissexual self-proclaimed lgbtq heterosexist rights activist poor little failed lawyer bluharmony has been shamed by a person called “arab spring” into denouncing Becky 100 per cent as a ‘garden variety’ troll as opposed to a, presumably, human being.(btw what was that you said earlier about people name-calling over teh internetz, bluharmony?) Because apparently it’s not really transphobia, misogyny or sizeism if your transphobia, misogyny or sizeism is only directed at one person…

Lucky 4 u you’ve got brown-nosing sychophants like bluharmony and the anonymous arab spring prepared to intrepidly voyage so far up the crack-end of that tired, fart-riddled, smelly old clapped out arse of yours to pleasure you, Aratina, ‘cos believe you me sweetie; who in the fuck else world would ever wanna go there?!

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8 Responses to HOW VERY DARE YOU!

  1. I don’t know anything about you Becky, and I’ve only seen you be rude to posters on PZ’s blog. While he’s fine with that kind of behavior, and some of his posters don’t deserve much more, that doesn’t mean you should follow suit and create your own blog trashing people. But doing that, Becky, is what makes you a troll. I have no idea if you’re transsexual or not, but regardless, I have treated you no differently than I would treat anyone else who exhibits similar troll-like behavior. PZ hates me, but there’s a reason I’m not banned on his blog, and that’s because I don’t attack others maliciously or without reason. He’d probably like to ban me, but he can’t justify it, at least not yet. Anyway, people who go to others’ blogs just to create controversy are called trolls. That’s not name-calling, it’s a way to categorize a common internet behavior type. There’s a subtle difference, but I’m sure you’re bright enough to grasp it if you try. As for Aratina, he has treated me with kindness, and that is exactly what he’ll get from me in return. We may disagree on certain points and about certain people, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. In fact, I have many friends who are very different from me, and who hold all sorts of diverse beliefs, and that’s exactly how I like it. I’m sure that if you traded in your nastiness for tolerance, you’d be happier too. The choices are yours to make. But hate me if you like, it doesn’t bother me a bit. You’ve certainly shown your true colors here, as if they weren’t already obvious.

  2. Becky says:

    “PZ hates me”

    Why’s that?

  3. realfeministgrrrrl pharyngula says:

    pz hates you?

    maybe it’s cos you said it’s okay 4 a guy to sexually harass a woman so long as it only lasts from ground to first floor maria???

    and becky troll u suck,

  4. Sexual harassment has a legal meaning, and politely asking a woman to coffee, then accepting no for an answer is not it. Not even in an elevator. Nor is it sexism, objectification, or assault. PZ hates me because I’m an example of a woman who disagrees with this type of condescending, ridiculous feminism; because I’m not afraid of men; and because I’m no fan of Rebecca Watson, due to her dishonest past (and present) behavior. As for transsexuals, I have nothing but positive things to say about this group of people. In fact, my love for them borders on positive prejudice. Anyway, if I said anything to offend you based on gender, Becky, I sincerely apologize. All I was trying to get across is that I don’t know anything about you.

    Aratina has also admitted that his comment was a slur and has apologized for it. That’s why I like him. Because he admits to his mistakes, and he thinks for himself, unlike the rest of PZ’s followers, as demonstrated by the brilliant poster right above me.

  5. Becky says:

    Thanks for your reply, Maria and your explanation of why PZ has it in for you. Perhaps if the poster above you learnt to type coherently both of us might take her a little more seriously.

    I get the impression that PZ has a tendency to side with the group against the individual – I’ve often wondered whether what appears to be his urge to populism has a deep psychological root. Pharyngula does not seem to take kindly to outsiders – yes, there are obnoxious Neo-Nazis, misogynists and homophobes who go on there for a fight who deserve a good hiding – but that still doesn’t explain the venom directed at calm, rational, perfectly civil people such as yourself who may simply see things from a different perspective. If there a bloggers on scienceblogs who are intolerant of anyone who challenges their perception then I would imagine that such an attitude is also bad for science in general as I guess that it is mainly through challenges and even mistakes being made that knowledge progresses.

    Sorry, I’m rambling on here and not making much sense (as usual:)!

    If you want to share it: How did the things that PZ and some of his followers affect you personally? Did you feel deeply hurt emotionally? Angry and frustrated at being misrepresented? Personally, I would have expected more of such highly educated people than ganging up against individuals in order to bond as a common group identity. Isn’t that more like what dictatorships attempt to do when they brainwash their military units and then remould them into tools for killing whomsoever they designate as ‘the enemy’?

    I often wonder too whether some of the people on Pharyngula are displaying cult-like behaviour – particularly in their adoration for PZ. It’s almost like everyone wants to meet him and touch him and be seen in his prescence like as if he’s some demi-god or something? Hardly seems healthy to me, ya know – but as PZ’s got me down as ‘in desperate need of a mental health professional’ then I’m probably the last person to criticize them for that!

    Oh well, notorious Beckyrant over;)!

  6. Personally, it hurt me extremely, and I’m still regularly persecuted by them (even as I type). At times I reacted stupidly, and sadly, that’s documented online too. Now, I mostly mostly ignore them or make occasional snide remarks on Twitter, except on days like today, when there’s a ghastly attack post about me on Zvan’s blog because my home address was disclosed in the comments of one of Laden’s attack posts about me. And so my life goes. As an attorney it’s dangerous to have comments like this associated with your real name, obviously. I haven’t hidden my identity because I never expected this to happen. But it did, and life must go on. I’ve realized that no one but those involved really pay attention to these comment threads, so it doesn’t matter as much as I thought at first. Anyway, I hope we can be friends. 🙂

  7. Becky says:

    Thanks for commenting, Maria.

    Although there are things that we’ve obviously disagreed on I respect you for your openess and honesty about your feelings and opinions. I strongly agree with your insightful point about the gang mentality on a lot of these blogs where group cohesion seems to be deliberately cemented by creating a ‘common enemy’ (usually someone who posts on their own) and then proceeding to scapegoat that person. I guess if they didn’t do that they know in the back of their minds that they’d start arguing amongst themselves. Pretty pathetic that they have to create such a shaky cameraderie in such inauthentic and, yes, cowardly ways.

    On that note, it’s highly scary and disgusting that they published your home address for all and sundry on the web to see. That has the potential to put you in danger from any crazed nutter or creepy fiend(!) Btw…Isn’t there a privacy and safety law about that somewhere?

    You’re always welcome to post on this blog. In stark contrast to Pharyngula and some of the other blogs, this is one of the quieter, remote corners of the Internet…possibly as my blog is so crap that hardly anyone ever comes here lol:))) Anyway, take care and all the very best…cheers, Becky x

  8. My address was, at the time, available publicly as required by bar association rules, so there’s no legal violation, just a breach of ethics to call attention to something like that in a hate thread. When the same thing happened to Surly Amy, it became a highly-publicized travesty, yet when it happened to me, it was largely ignored. You’re welcome to guest post on my blog if you ever feel like it. I don’t have a very high readership yet, but it’s growing.

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