Heterosexist ‘beauty’ contest, Miss Universe, already has a long-standing reputation for being vile enough as it is, yet the recent decision to disqualify Canada’s entrant, Jenna Talackova, for being a transsexual woman highlights the transphobia of this so-called ‘pageant’, too.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Donald Trump headed Miss U, has disqualified a woman for being trans, however. A few years’ back, China’s entrant – Lili Chen – was also kicked off of the annual display of misogynist sexism purely for being trans. Oh well, maybe the fact that a few years’ before that the ‘All-American’ right-wing celebration of fair-skinned, usually ‘aryan’ beauty (ps. idiot America; real Aryans are actually Iranians) would have kicked her off purely for being Chinese demonstrates progress of a sort, though – now they just ban her and the rest of our sisters for being transsexual, so hey that must be alright, then? Er………Nope, nope and nope. Into the trash can with Trump and his shitty cattle market that’s what I say!

Now, since we’re in the vicinity of April Fools’ Day, I thought I’d lighten the mood a bit with a joke:

Did you hear the one about the disciple of transmisogynist Professor Myers’ blog, Pharyngula, who accused radical feminists of being transphobic whilst claiming that she was the more authentic feminist because she was a ‘trans ally’?

Hello, earth calling Jadehawk: I’m trans thanks, but erm…no thanks – ‘cos y’know, it’s kinda like I don’t really want you to be my ally. You see, it’s got something to do with the fact that:

a. Real trans ally’s don’t refer to transwomen as ‘he’, or ‘it’, or even ‘he/she/it’ or even mockingly as some stereotypically male name like ‘Donald’ (Trump, Duck or otherwise) as a means to ingratiate themselves to transphobic male-dominated heterosexist online communities by attempting to expose transwomen to public humiliation.

b. Real trans ally’s don’t do things like try to erase a transwoman’s existence by insisting that a transwoman is not really a woman at all.

c. Real trans ally’s don’t assume that just because someone is trans means that they’re mentally ill and hmmm…let me see, what was it: “hysterical’ (ummm…isn’t that a wee, bit sexist, too?)

d. Real trans ally’s don’t wish violence on trans people – which includes stuff like telling them to go burn to death (ummm…bad enough when religious fundies wish us to ‘burn in hell’ – seems some self-proclaimed atheists are not immune to doing so too)

e. Similarly, real trans ally’s don’t promote violence towards transpeople by using language against us which normalizes sexual assault through unwanted penetration of our bodies – otherwise known as rape against us.

f. Real trans ally’s don’t use their cisprivilege to isolate, marginalize and ghetto-ize trans people from the majority groups.

g. That’s why real trans ally’s don’t tend to be holocaust deniers, historical revisionists or otherwise apologists for similar forms of fascism.

h. And last, but by no means least, real trans ally’s don’t make size-ist and looksist remarks based on misogynistic patriarchal sexist stereotypes about what is considered appropriately ‘feminine’ enough to be graded as ‘beautiful’.

…oh, and come to think of it neither do real feminists, too – intersucktional, or otherwise.

So, perhaps you’d be better off confining your pretentions towards feminist cyberactivism to the ongoing creation of yetfurther pretty lil’logo signs on your pink-themed atheist site, Jade-o;)!

Oh, and yeah I know; it’s not funny:(

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  1. Aratina Cage says:

    Becky, I do apologize for the slur I called you by modding your nym on the Bravo, Belgium! thread years ago. I should have guessed that I was crossing a line into transphobia despite being caught up in the heat of the moment at your nasty remarks toward others there. It was naive of me.

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