Dr. Peter Saunders: Fuhrer of The Christian Medical Fellowship

Meet Dr Peter Saunders, the CEO of an organisation calling itself The Christian Medical Fellowship, who’s currently moaning that him and his fellow transphobic Christian medics are being persecuted because they do not have the freedom to refuse to provide a life-saving medical treatment to transsexuals called sex reassignment surgery.

But why do you just stop at demanding the right to refuse medical treatment to just one group of people whom you and your disciples evidently disapprove of? Why not refuse medical treatment to Gays, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Communists, Atheists, those living out of wedlock and all those other categories whom you and your disciples damn to burn in hell for eternity just because they do not follow your belief or merely because you happen to disapprove of them? Perhaps, indeed, you do, but merely fight shy of publicly acknowledging it?

Or perhaps it is just that it’s much easier to get your irrational, hate-filled ideas publicized on Nazi-sympathising shit rags like the Mail when you single out transsexuals as the scapegoat because as we all know the Hate Mail obsessively snaps up any opportunity to kick seven bells of hell out of transsexuals…

I was shocked and surprised though, with all your talk of demanding the right to conscientious objection when it comes to providing sex reassignment surgery (which you call ‘sex-change’). Post-Mengele, I’d simply assumed that those on the far-right of the medical community didn’t have any conscience left.

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  1. Jay2010 says:

    Having a sex change is not life saving surgery. You will not die if you are refused the operation. As a Bible believing Christian, I disagree with the judgemental attitude of some that can accompany opposition to transsexual minded individuals that often denigrates them as persons. That said, however, a Christian operating in a government run healthcare system who feels called to serve the Lord and humanity there should have the right to voice his or her objections to what is a perversion of Christ’s design for humanity. If Christ intended us to have the ability to play God, we could just switch our bodies around whenever we felt like it. Your argument against this particular doctor is basically this: So and so doesn’t agree to do what I think he should do, so he’s wrong. And because he speaks his mind, he’s narrow minded and hateful.

    Let me ask you some questions: Is he attacking you? Is he judging you? Is he condemning you? If you’re honest, the answer to all three questions above is no. He is simply expressing his Biblical based views for God’s design for man and woman, as proven by thousands of years of human existence and the Holy Scriptures. Who gave you the right to denigrate his self-esteem and public image by judging him? He is not transphobic; there is no real meaning in that word, anyway. No one is afraid of a gay or transexual minded person, unless that person is shooting at them. That term originated in mass media as a way to heckle opposition to the expanding LGBT rights movement that erroneously pushes the idea that people can be born gay or transexual.

    As a transexual minded person, you may have genetic influences that tempt you to engage in that kind of mindset, but those influences do not force you to engage in transexual acts or to acquire a sex change. Being gay or transexual is a choice. It always has been. I struggled with a porn addiction for 18 years and had homosexual fantasies at one point. I also researched the possibility of undergoing such “reassignment surgery,” but Christ kept drawing me back to the Word and I realized I was just desiring to play God with my life, to be my own god of sorts. I was a lonely, depressed, single teenager with severe acne, few friends, and a desire to be admired and deemed desirable. My sexual sins gave me a coping mechanism and false hope that I could make my own solution to my social problems, which were really symptoms of a bigger issue: my refusal to submit to the Bible as the word of God. I didn’t believe at the time that Christ had my best interests at heart. Since then, I have begun to realize the worldliness of my thinking habits and the futile situations they create.

    I realize those that oppose my statement may cite incidences of ambiguous gender at birth cases, etc. and even those few ones that represent incidences of a true hermaphrodite. The Bible mentions eunochs and forbids them to marry, and I believe a hermaphrodite or person with ambiguous gender would fall into that category. It does, however, call upon the local church to give abundant grace to the individual. I assume this would mean close friendships, social networks, etc. ..a true extended family of sorts.

    I admit I am a more conservative minded Bible believing individual and that it is popular right now to plaster us with spiteful terms like “bigot, homophobic, transphobic, hater, intolerant, etc” whenever we share our Christian faith in the public square, which we are commanded to do by Christ. Those terms are attempts to silence free speech and the expression of one’s faith and are themselves hateful. I am called to be a witness for Him and to share the wonders that he can work in someone’s heart if they will only submit to His governance. If you give your life to Christ, He can give you the strength to overcome your flesh’s desires. It simply requires the choice to make abiding in the Word of God a daily habit and to let the Holy Spirit change your thought processes through God’s Word. If you come to Christian faith, you will always struggle with the flesh, but it will not be as acute as you grow in your new faith.

    As a former bisexual minded man, I promise you there is so much more to life than having one’s bodily or mental urges met. Accept that you are a sinner just like every other living person. Accept that Christ is humanity’s judge and savior, and that all that come to Him in sincere faith will be saved. Please read John chapter 3 in the Bible for more on this. Let Christ intercede into your thoughts. He designed us and knows what’s best. He can save your soul from the sexual sin that you have, thus redeeming you for an eternity in Heaven, if you will only let go of your pride and ideology. He’s certainly helping me realize my depravity and need for Him.

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