The bandaged child in the photo is Kardin Ulysee, an eighth-grader at a school in Brooklyn who is now blind in one eye as a result of a frenzied hateful attack by transphobic and homophobic bullies. According to a Department of Education occurrence report, as the bullies pinned Kardin to the floor and rained down punches on his head and neck they screamed vile homophobic and transphobic obscenities at him calling him a “fucking faggot”, a “poofter”, a transvestite and gay.

Kardin’s father Pierre Ulysse says: “The doctor says he needs a transplant, for me to send him to school with two eyes and come back with one eye is really absurd. I want the world to know about this.”

Only a few weeks’ ago, North Carolinian Christian hate preacher, Pastor Sean Harris, urged America to go out and violently punch, beat and crush children who did not gender conform.

It is Beckytranssexual’s opinion that Pastor Harris (and those like him – for, sadly, there are many like him) is as equally an accessory to terrorism as Muslim fundamentalist hate preacher, Abu Hamza and that Harris – like Hamza – should face incitement and possible accessory to terrorism charges. For religious fundamentalist terrorism is religious fundamentalist terrorism irrespective of what religion it claims adherence to. To not come down as equally hard upon Christian and Jewish religious fundamentalists as society does on Muslim fundamentalists is blatantly Islamophobic.

This tragedy proves that the words of hate spoken by Pastor Harris and his ilk and transmitted to the world at large do have an effect and often contribute directly to horrific attacks such as this. Beckytranssexual holds Pastor Harris and his fundamentalist confederates responsible for this atrocity and all others that are incited and ordered from their pulpits.

Shame on you, Pastor Harris – may you carry the burden for the destruction of the lives and the deaths of such innocent people – including powerless children – on your conscience to your grave.

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