Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, singer arrested in Russia (along with three bandmates of punk rock group ‘Pussy Riot’) for singing lyrics which expressed a desire for Vladimir Putin to go away.

Hafiz Jeffri, singer arrested in Malaysia for having ‘feminine mannerisms’.

Laws; what are they good for? Absolutely, safeguarding the fragile egos of two, ruling class male elites if the above examples of the way in which they are dispensed are anything to go by.

Back in January, three alleged members of Russian feminist punk rock band, Pussy Riot, were arrested and imprisoned for singing a song that criticized Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Additionally, because this was an impromptu Pussy Riot performance in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral, this has apparently offended the delicate sensibilities of the Russian Orthodox Church – well known for a history of hyper-sensitivies so strong that seemingly every easter they would become so enraptured with the love of God that they’d grab a pointy-ended crucifix and rouse their local flocks to butcher their meek Jewish neighbours in pogroms. Awww…they really do take that Christian love thy neighbour doctrine ever so seriously, don’t they? – Not.

Anyways, we’re now nearing the end of June and the three Pussy Riot members are still incarcerated without trial all for singing a song lyric: “Mother Mary, drive Putin away.” Master Putin must feel awfully insecure about this as he’s just extended their incarceration and they face seven years in prison – which is about three times the usual sentence you get in my country for a hate crime murder of an LGBTQ person.

Let’s cross the globe to Malaysia now – and to the prosecution of another singer – for yet another example of how jealously ruling male ‘elites’ guard their grip on the reins of power through which they control their fragile constructed, now decaying gender systems. Hafiz Jeffri, also known as Kajol, has just been fined RM 1,000 by the religious authorities for dressing in women’s clothing and having female mannerisms. The fine is what passes for liberalism at the Syariah High Court as ‘Justice’ Abu Bakar Abdullah Kutty ‘mercifully’ set aside a prison sentence on the grounds that Hafiz has promised to ‘change such evil ways’ and not only wear only men’s clothing from now on, but also constantly monitor any bodily pose that looks even remotely like a ‘female mannerism’ coming through and suppress it immediately for an unmistakabley macho posture. Wow! So lucky that you got such a *progressive* judge, Hafiz(!)

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