26 June 2012 at 8:41 pm

Speaking of painful resonances – I get angry when Jews call all of Germans Nazis, as they are currently doing on several blogs and news pages I’ve read, based on one reasonable court decision that happens to restrict their religious traditions.
Yes, my feelings do not compare to descendants of holocaust victims. That does not give them the right to generalize me and everyone I know – none of whom are remotely anti-semitic or nazi – as genocidal maniacs simply because we happen to live on the same stretch of this planet’s surface.
The right to protection from bodily harm that this court decision cites is a direct outcome of our constitution’s first article: “Human dignity is untouchable”. This legally irrevocable article is a direct result of the nazi era.
It’s the darkest irony to be confronted by racist comments from Jews as a result of protecting human dignity.

Oh no, some schmuck over at Pharyngula calling himself Felix Hoefert seems to think that Germans are a race(!) (Now where have we heard that one before?!) Yup, and I bet as a rationalist he also has all the necessary pseudo-scientific evidence to *prove* it. But the guy’s a wee bit busy at the moment moaning about Jews conspiring against him. He’s not a Nazi though, of course…apparently, they never are.

But do spare us the shrunken heads, Herr Reichs-Professor Myers: there’s enough of those on your own site already.

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One Response to BRAVO BIGOTRY

  1. Mr T says:

    This guy is an idiot. My grandparents were born in turkey and emigrated to germany but i’m just as german as anyone else expected to serve in german army/civilian service choice and so on. Don’t take this a-hole as representive of all germans. Most germans are tolerant today and don’t think of themself as a race anymore. This just sounds like some privileged whiny white dude in a cosy world whos never experienced racism like jewish and muslim and people of color do and crys like a baby with denial cos he can’t deal with it when they mention it. Maybe his parents call him felix because hes a pussy?

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