Bystander Syndrome: Nazi Brownshirt unchallenged as Berliners walk on by and ignore aftermath of Kristallnacht 1936 as if nothing has happened.

Hmmm…over at Pharyngula things have come to a pretty pass(!) Further to my previous post, I hadn’t realised quite how much P Z Myers’ ‘Bravo, Germany’ thread had descended into anti-semitism, irrational conspiracy theories and outright promotion of revisionist history and holocaust denial until later on I read past the idiot who posted the ‘Germans are a race’ remark. What started off ostensibly as a thread about the city of Cologne banning circumcision of male children seems to have degenerated fairly rapidly into a noticeboard for those who wished to post far-right Nazi propaganda, too.

First off, there’s the poster calling himself Joachim:


joachim says:
26 June 2012 at 8:15 pm
Great to see those GERMANS taking a swipe at a well known JEWISH practice!
Those Germans just never quit. BRAVO!</

Then, we have a serial far right anti-semite and apologist for the likes of David Irving, Ernst Zundel and Jean-Marie Le Pen jumping on the bandwagon, given free rein by P Z Myers to obsessively post such venom as this:

1. bernarda says:
27 June 2012 at 6:57 am
Gnumann N° 6. You are clueless. There is no increase in racism against Muslims and Jews. For the first group, some of them look for any reason to be offended and want their barbaric practices like the Sharia recognized by the state. For the second, anti-semitism does not exist, at least in any organized form. Of course there a always a few individuals who do not like one group or another. But the Jews are more protected by the state in Europe than any other group.
If there is a fight or some contention between a goy and a Jew for whatever reason, the Jewish organizations immediately cry “anti-semitism”. If a Jew is a victim of a crime, the police spend more time investigating it than if the victim was Muslim or Black. When an author writes a pro-palestinian book, he and his readers risk being attacked by Jewish thugs, as has happened to Alain Sorel among others.
When anyone cries “anti-semitism”, I know that they are simply Zionists who care more about Israel than anything else, including their home country.

And, this:

. A few years ago a young Jewish man was kidnapped in France and ransom demanded. The police spent weeks, maybe months, investigating and found the perpetrators, too late though. At around the same time, a black African student was found murdered in Marseille. Of course the police investigated for weeks, but never found the killer and dropped the case. If the African had been Jewish, I think the outcome might have been different.
“a fucker like you pop up to say “they just leech on Holocaust-guilt!”.” Ya, a fucker like Norman Finkelstein who wrote, “The Holocaust Industry”. Now you will just say that he is a self-hating Jew. That is always the knee-jerk response.
Xian and Muslim tombs are desecrated every year too. Just because you don’t like someone’s ideas or books, there is no excuse for accepting a violent response to them. As to the Protcols, I said that there were individuals who have such ideas, but there is not organized anti-semitism.
“Several elected politicians are Holocaust deniers, as well as some historians.” What are the politicians name and at what level are they elected. The “historians” you mention are roundly decried. France has several silly laws prohibiting free speech on different subjects, including Holocaust denial. People have been convicted and fined for it. These laws are criticized by real historians who argue that the state has no business establishing official histories which are the only ones allowed.

…And, this:

Le Pen–a war criminal and an admitted torturer in Algeria–he is best known for his comment that the extermination camps were “a point of detail” in WWII. That is an arguable statement, because none of the Allies fought Hitler to save the Jews. They didn’t bomb the camps or the railway lines.
Several prominent Jews have said that they can’t say he is anti-semitic.

Notice not once does P Z Myers caution ‘Bernada’ or threaten her with his infamous banhammer yet here she is spouting Neo-Nazi conspiracy theories, promoting vile revisionist holocaust denying lies as a serious alternative to the history of the Third Reich and claiming that Jews control everything through what she claims is their disproportionate power and influence(!)

Hmmm…just what does one have to do to get banned and thrown into Myers’ jealously guarded cyberdungeon these days? Apparently, if my own personal experience is anything to go by, he’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks if you question his transphobia and sexism yet if you’re a Neo-Nazi who hijacks an atheist thread about male circumcision to promote holocaust denial and anti-semitic conspiracy theories Professor Rationality will furnish you with carte blanche.

Purely favouritism?

…Or maybe it’s just that Bernada is not a transsexual – or at least not a self-identifying one? So much easier to ban someone like Becky Transsexual who’s already a marginalised outsider, hey Professor Myers?

Perhaps, the most disappointing thing, however, is the apparent indifference displayed to Bernada (and others’) obssesive anti-semitic Neo-Nazi hate-filled outpourings from the other regular ‘Pharyngulites’. Not once are her obnoxious and – amongst an internet community who constantly boast of their rationality it has to be emphasised –


rants challenged by any of the regulars who relentlessly seem to boast of their politically progressive cred. Depressing still, is the indifference displayed by self-proclaimed ‘politically active’ German posters such as Rorschach, Pelamun and Gillel; the latter two of which continue whittering on about comparative irrelevancies in between Bernada’s Jew-hating, Nazi-promoting, holocaust-denying posts which punctuate their intellectually moribund natter.

Hmmm…meethinks either some folk are blissfully unaware of the growth of the far-right in their midst, simply don’t care – or maybe this is just simply another example of the diffusion of responsibility or bystander syndrome that I learnt about in my psychology class which is perfectly illustrated by the photograph featured above?

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  1. Peter says:

    Under the german photo you say “Bystander Syndrome: Nazi Brownshirt unchallenged as Berliners walk on by and ignore aftermath of Kristallnacht 1936 as if nothing has happened.”

    That photo was taken on April 1, 1933, during the one day german boycott against jewish goods and stores. That was an answer to the jewish world organizations declaration of financial war against Germany on March 29 the same year. Look up “Judea declares war on Germany”. And talking about “bystander syndrome” is wrong, as NSDAP was supported by almost half of the german population. They thought they did their duty for their people and country, just as americans think the sanctions against Iran and North Korea are.

    By the way, the Kristallnacht was in 1938, not in 1936.

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you, Peter, for putting me right with regard to dates and events with your well-informed post – I appreciate that. With regard to ‘bystander syndrome’, though, you say that “almost half” of the German population supported the NSDAP, but doesn’t that mean that also mean that over half did not, but whilst not supporting the NSDAP stood by and allowed them to come to power – probably in many cases because they thought it would never affect them but only minority groups such as Jews, Romany, LGBT folk, left-wingers etc? (Wasn’t it Pastor Niemoller – a person whom PZ and his disciples would no doubt decry as worthless – who wrote that poem that went ‘First they came for the communists; but I did nothing because I was not a communist and finally they came for me but there was no one left to help me…”?) So, doesn’t that make them bystanders?

    Yes, I’m sure a great many German folk hoped that it would all blow over and I’m sure that there was no shortage of sane Germans who like most people in other countries did not want to go to war a second time after experiencing the horrific slaughter and misery of World War One. It’s a sad comment on some members of the human species that there were probably many sane people who thought Nazism was a load of old crap who nevertheless went along with the Third Reich because it enabled them to thieve from their Jewish neighbours and business partners. What is often forgotten is that in the real world the Nazis were not honourable people but a bunch of lying thieves who helped themselves to the lives and the money and property that others had worked for.

    In short Nazis were (and are) the epitome of the bottom of the barrel. The accusations of degeneracy that they labelled their enemies and those they hated with are ironic as Nazism is the ultimate in degeneracy. They were the cowards; the cowards who were too scared to face up to their own shortcomings and (like all racists) self-comforted by blaming them on others instead of taking a real good look at themselves; they were the parasites who lived off the slave labour of others and were so merciless in their murders to the point of killing innocent little babies because they were so shit scared of revenge from those who might survive the hell they inflicted. And the final proof that they weren’t the master race is brought home by the fact that they lost and the very reason that they lost was down to the shallowness of their ideology. Those whom they dismissed as untermenschen were the very ones who outbrained and outbrawned them in the end. That their disproved and defunct ideology still lives on is a sad comment on the condition of some human beings.

  3. Becky says:

    It should also be remembered, though, that some brave Germans resisted Hitler right the way through the Third Reich and died for this defiance. In retrospect, most of us like to think that we’d be the sort who’d be in *the resistance* if we’d lived in the Third Reich or in Nazi occuppied Europe, but let’s be honest: how many of us know confidentally that we’d have had that courage. I often ask myself the question whether I’d have resisted, or whether I’d have become a mere bystander scared out of my wits for my own safety or for the safety of my family and loved ones – or whether indeed I’d have found myself falling into the category of collaborator? I wonder if the tiny amount of people who visit my blog and read this have also asked themselves the same kind of questions?

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