Interesting YouTube vid from a guy called Thunderfoot who was forced to resign from freethoughtblogs by PZ Myers. As the video goes on Thunderfoot describes how Professor Myers even sent him sinister threats that if he didn’t shut up with his opinions then it would be bad for his career. PZ Myers: the Don Corleone of internet atheism?

Yet as we at Beckytranssexual have seen, PZ Myers allows the promotion of holocaust denial on his website by a certain poster with a serial record of Internet Neo-Nazi hate activity by the name of Bernada. So why do you not ban Bernada and throw her into your cyber dungeon, Professor Myers?

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  1. xxxild says:

    Becky can you tell me when you had the misfortune of running into the rad fem jerks on freethoughtblogs? The ones harassing you and calling you “he” and “it?” Is there anything posted still on the internet about this.

  2. Becky says:

    Hi xxxild, Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog.

    The barrage of abuse that I received happened back in July 2010 when I responded to a post on PZ Myers’ Pharyngula blog called ‘Bravo, Belgium’ which I felt was transphobic. The thread was up on Pharyngula until very recently when Professor Myers seems to have archived it. Now it only seems to be available through log in to the site. I now understand that Pharyngula is well known for being the sort of site where you’re likely to get torn down by the pack if you express ideas that are contrary to theirs – yes, even by their own admission and PZ Myers’ encouragement – yet I was rather disappointed that certain regulars there resorted to transphobia and sexism as they bill themselves as a progressive ‘rational’ site.

    In retrospect, the one’s that swore at me and told me to insert various objects into my backside, told me I was an assclam, and an assclown and an ass this and that, even to say that they hoped I burnt to death were just angry at me (and I know I’m freaky and stupid at times, fair enough), but the transphobia came when some of them started to make an issue of the fact that I was openly transsexual. If I hadn’t been a self-identifying transsexual then they wouldn’t have used phrases such as ‘he/she/it’ to address me or ‘he’ or ‘it’ and so on. Really, if they’re that progressive and rational then the fact that I was transsexual shouldn’t really have come into the equation at all and they should have judged me as a person alone – even an obnoxious one. I think that what it was, was that they had a pre-conceived idea of what a transsexual should be like and think and talk like and when I came along they just couldn’t accept that I didn’t fit the neat little tick box that they’d created. Therefore, they couldn’t bring themselves to admit that I was transsexual and resorted in panic to the more comfortable idea that I must be a man pretending to be transsexual or some sort of non-person (i.e. ‘it’) that they found too challenging even to contemplate.

    As I was so unpopular, PZ banned me from Pharyngula and threw me in his infamous dungeon labelling me as ‘hysterical’ and as ‘desperately in need of a mental health professional’ but what disappointed me most of all was towards the end of the thread he mocked me (seemingly to gain popularity) by telling them that I was really a man called ‘Donald’ (I’m not, incidentally). Quite surprised how he (and they) reconcile this with their supposed self-proclaimed ‘radical’ feminism as anyone who knows even the tiniest bit about how misogynists work will be aware that one of the most common tactics in shutting ‘difficult’ women up is to deride them for being too masculine or – as we see in PZ’s final verdict of me – insane (or as he puts it ‘hysterical’ – which actually originates as a gender specific, misogynistic word!)

    Ha! One thing that made me chuckle though, was a commenter called Janine who was the primary offender for referring to me as ‘he’ constantly throughout the thread. I decided in one instance that I’d deliberately address her as ‘sir’ to see how she liked being misgendered. Predictably, she went instantaneously ballistic!!!:)))

    Nowadays, Pharyngula takes great pride in promoting itself as particularly pro-trans – possibly one of the reasons why PZ has hidden (oops sorry, ‘archived’;) the Bravo, Belgium thread and apparently he also ‘unbanned’ me some time ago so you won’t see my name currently in the list of inmates of his dungeon. So, yeah, as they’re always saying they have nothing against transsexuals per se ‘cos they’re really tolerant you see (even apparently of Bernada the Holocaust denier). But, hey, I guess that it’s not that I was transsexual which upset them, but it was that I was the *wrong* sort of transsexual – so therefore they took this as permission for them to be transphobic and misogynistic against me! Erm…but if they’re not transphobic and misgoynistic in the first place, I kinda wonder why they’d want to do that anyway?

    Well, thank you for visiting and for being prepared to listen to my side of the story. All the very best and take care. Becky x

  3. deriamis says:

    Hey, Becky! I don’t suppose you remember me? I was in that whole mess on that blog post, where I first tried to give you a sense of humor adjustment, which got me in trouble with the “check your privilege” crowd, followed shortly thereafter by my exit when they pulled the misogynist and transphobic crap on you. I’ve been watching a lot of MykeruMedia on YouTube, and he brought up the event, which made me think of you being mistreated like that. I hope life’s treating you well!

    • Hi Deriamis

      Thank you very much for posting. I hope that you are well. Unfortunately, life’s not so good for me at the moment. Last year, I lost the person closest to me. As you can see, I haven’t updated my blog since then. This is the worst time in my life. Wish I could turn back the clock. Sometimes I think that if I hadn’t become involved in that PZ Myers thread back in July 2010 things would have turned out very differently – I was very upset about the way some people instantly tried to misgender me and humiliate me – but on the other hand I was/am so stupid and naïve. I recall that they behaved badly towards you, too – some of them really showed themselves up. Take care and lots of love, Becky xxx

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