16-year-old schoolgirl Ashlyn Parram: bullied and harrassed...by her own teachers(!)

When 16-year-old Ashlyn Parram (pictured right) came out at her school as trans the poor girl not only had to contend with abuse and ridicule from her classmates but also – it appears – from her teachers, including one who mimicked the way she walked behind her back, seemingly in order to gain kudos with the classroom full of disruptive students who were mocking her.

So what does Chris Walls, headmaster of Giles Academy in Boston, Lincolnshire do about it? Kick the teacher out of school who was so brazenly shameless in her role as the ringleader of the bullying and harassment of a child under her care?


The Head actually berates Ashlyn for ‘ruining the reputation of the school’ by being openly trans – uh, what reputation are they looking to project exactly? Then, as if this weren’t enough already, when talented maths student Ashlyn keenly turns up to sit her exam, dressed immaculately in the uniform that the school itself has regulated for its students, he forces Ashlyn to sit no less than 40 feet away from the rest of the students.

Beckytranssexual has absolutely no definite idea why the headmaster ruled that one of its pupils should sit at least 40 feet away from the rest of the candidates to sit an exam because she happens to be trans, so we can only guess:

a. The headmaster and staff erroneously believe that gender dysphoria is infectious;

b. He figured that owing to the amount of vile, non-stop, ridiculously irrational transphobia that Ashlyn has received during her time at that ‘school’ she must surely by now be at high risk danger of exploding.

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