Fernanda Milan

Pink News reports that a Guatemalen transwoman, Fernanda Milan, who fled to Denmark seeking asylum, was raped when she was forced to stay in a male refugee camp by red cross authorities and now faces deportation back to Guatemala – which is presently governed by a repressive transphobic regime which persecutes LGBTQ people.

For anyone who wants to stop the deportation of Fernanda, an online petition can be found here:

When questioned as to just why this woman was placed in a camp for male asylum seekers where several men forced their way into her room and gang raped her, Head of Asylum, Anna La Coeur has been quoted as saying:

“Basically, a transgender woman is likely to be placed in a male dormitory – but in a private room. We would not place her in a women’s dormitory because that is definitely for women – where cannot permit ourselves to place a man.”

What?!!! So, basically in the same sentence you refer to Fernanda as a woman and then you reveal your obvious prejudice by revealing to us that you really feel that she is a man(!) Why, you’ve got a nerve when your defence is that you deliberately placed a female rape victim in a male refugee camp because you thought that she might be a rapist when it was by this very action of yours that she ended up being gang raped herself! Vile! Vile! Vile! Pure rape apologetics from the Red Cross here – who by the way as an organization have refused to comment on this. Perhaps, in the same way that the Red Cross remained silent about the Holocaust, too.

According to their Wiki entry the Red Cross claims to adopt seven unshakeable principles:

• Humanity
• Impartiality
• Neutrality
• Independence
• Voluntary Service
• Unity
• Universality

Epic fail on the first two then. And somewhat ironic that your name, Ms La Coeur, means ‘heart’ in French…when you so don’t obviously appear to have one.

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