In Britain, there is an organisation calling itself Christian Concern For Our Nation which is basically an extremist far right alliance of political fascists and religious fundamentalists who have embarked upon a campaign to infiltrate the mainstream media. They are deeply homophobic, ridiculously misogynistic and are as obsessive in their very particular hatred of transpeople as Hitler was to the Jews. In fact, if one reads the vitriolic hate filled rantings from their website they, similarly, aim to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Oh, and did I mention that they also have links to far right political parties – such as the BNP.

Yet, the Beeb, ITV and other news channels in Britain seem to be constantly giving these very sinister and extremely dangerous people airtime. However, it’s not just that; it’s the fact that when the BBC gives them a platform – like on a debating programme called Sunday Morning Live, for instance in which they are regular guests – it doesn’t put them in the context of having such right-wing extremist ulterior motives – but presents them as a bona fide pressure group that (supposedly) sticks up for the rights of Christians as they market the idea that Christians are being persecuted in the UK. (Do they have ‘friends’ who have deliberately lodged themselves in high places of influence, one wonders – or is it just that the establishment still rules and affords favour and patronage out of pure self-interest to the fascist far right anyway?) Isn’t this mainstreaming of Christian Concern equivalent to the Beeb featuring holocaust revisionist David Irving as a legitimate historian?

Apart from the fact that Britain is one of only two countries in the entire world to reserve seats in government for clerics – the other one is Iran – the blatant hypocrisy displayed by Christian Concern and the distortion of the truth marketed by them is astounding!

Take for instance, their hobbyhorse of throwing the rattle of the pram over workplace dress codes that ban their employees from wearing jewellery during worktime – which is bigged up in Christian Concern’s propaganda as: Crosses banned because of evil vampiric anti-Christian conspiracy(!) In fact, the government – who are absolutely terrified of incurring the wrath of religious fundamentalists – actually kowtowed to make an exception for Christians and forced employers to allow people to wear jewellery for work but only if it was jewellery of religious significance. Hmmm…that would seem more like preferential treatment towards religious workers to me(!) Yet the right-whingers still kvetch already!!! I mean, did the government force employers to allow atheists to wear jewellery advertising their atheism…or are transgender and gender non-conforming people allowed to express our identities or opt outside of the gender binary in workplace dress codes. Actually, nope!

Moreover, contrast these demands to ensure that their own rights are jealously guarded, with Christain Concern’s views on how workplace dress codes should accommodate transgendered and also non-gender conforming people. Yup, you’ve guessed it: on their very own website and in several public statement’s they’ve expressed horror at the prospect of transpeople being able to wear make-up to work, skirts, or trousers if ftm…even down to railing against the ‘evil’ of trans schoolgirls wearing ribbons in their hair (true 17th century Salem witchhunt puritanism in action!)

Now who was it who said first remove the plank of wood out of your own eyes before you admonish others to move the tiny splinter out of theirs? Et voila! Rank hypocrisy in all its establishment entitled splendour!

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