Fuck off Kalen Ockerman you nazi transphobic creep

Uh-oh, so the headcase Yank formally known as ‘artist’ whose command of english seems bizarrely that of a second language, has decided to post some transphobic, sexist and misogynistic art on his fail of a blog. The above, to those fortunate enough to have never heard of the USA, features President Obama and a predatory sexual pervert by the name of Mitt Romney wearing ‘women’s clothing’ in an effort to humiliate them by associating them with women; and worse still non-gendernormative transwomen.

Typical tactics of a sexist male pig (sorry no offence to pigs who unlike the fascist yanks who rule our society are actually quite nice animals). Now President Obama we don’t mind being associated with us as he’s been the most pro-trans president so far (although admittedly that’s not saying much;) and he also worked as a bouncer at one of our nightclubs protecting us so he is a friend – politics aside. But, Romney!? Romney is actually guilty of a transphobic sexual gang assault and dressing Romney like a gender non-conforming person is like dressing a black person in a KKK outfit(!)

This Kalen Ockerman guy seriously needs to read some Marjorie Garber if he wants to find out the dynamics of misogyny – which, though, one doubts he can even spell let alone read. This is what you get when you have an education system that means it’s not talent or intelligence that gets a kid to university but solely rich parents who have the ability to pay for their spoilt brats.

Seriously Kalen, give the art phase up already as it’s no more working out well for you than it did for a Herr Schickelgruber some one hundred years’ ago. And stop trolling my blog you Nazi creep.

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  1. Roger Griffith says:

    just two words to describe you, “Fucking retard”

  2. Becky says:

    Just one letter and one number to describe why I hate Nazi scum like you and your ‘friends’, Roger:


  3. Lucy says:

    Sadly I think the fact that you’re so unenlightened that you still feel it acceptable to use the term ‘retard’ says everthing we need to know about you Roger. As a matter of fact my cousin has Down’s Syndrome and he has infinitely more intelligence in his little finger than you’ll ever have loser.

  4. Carmen says:

    Dear me Roger you must be bored – is it kuz you’re not getting Rogered enough little big man?

  5. Roger Griffith says:

    oh yeah aren’t you guys so fucking clever, always the fuking ‘funny guys’ already………..but don’t get too clever for your own good otherwise you’ll be bleating about another fucking holocaust you asshole. strange to me how you people wonder why you’ve been persecuted and everyone hates you yet never look at your own behavior. well now the masses are waking up to the illuminati NWO threat again just like upstanding German folk did in the 30s and 40s and got called war criminals for it. and enough already with the political correctness forbidden speak that you people invented to enslave the majority: where you can’t call a retard a fucking retard, a baby murdering femininist who kikcs men in the balls a fucking bitch or a gay a fucking queer or a tranny a fucking tranny or shemale fucking retard degnerate fucking freak in your case assclam.

  6. Becky says:

    Okay, your first comment was ignorant and vile enough but that’s now a whole range of nasty deranged stuff you posted there, Roger, and I’ve taken the step of publishing your email address here:

    I also found your blog with details about yourself (really, I might have expected more rational thought and at least some degree of enlightenment from a research scientist), including a photo of you which I also reserve the right to publish, and I note well that it is a Roger L. Griffith who is named as the producer of Mear One’s videos, including the Brick Lane NWO Conspiracy one.

    I encourage freedom of speech on my blog in the belief that the fools and nasty people will show themselves up to everyone else who comes here for what they are. However, at the same time don’t expect me to withhold criticism and in short, to turn the other cheek and not hit back.

  7. Lucy says:

    Sad that these immature and narrow-minded posts really are, according to his blog, the work of a research scientist, – although admittedly he wouldn’t be the first Nazi to work for NASA

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