Who’s the ‘degenerate’ artist now, naziboy?

Apparently, some typically useless Yank called Mear One (huh…wtf?) has come over to someone else’s country and tried to promote his crazed Nazi, anti-semitic conspiracy theories and he pathetically goes blubbing away because the people who live there actually don’t like his crappy attempt at art:

I came to paint a mural that depicted the elite banker cartel known as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, the ruling class elite few, the Wizards of Oz. They would be playing a board game of monopoly on the backs of the working class. The symbol of the Free Mason Pyramid rises behind this group and behind that is a polluted world of coal burning and nuclear reactors. I started noticing that the people were giving me some strange looks. Suddenly a car pulled up and some dudes got out, some kids from across the street walk up and everybody is asking me, “Why am I painting the sign of the Illuminati in their neighborhood?” & “Do I believe in Satan?”
I was feeling some serious heat and anger.
I said I was creating this piece to inspire critical thought and spark conversation. I heard “f***** American” said, and “f*** the Illuminati!”

Hmmm…for starters the Rockefellers and the Morgans aren’t actually Jewish and freemasonry – at least in the UK – is pretty much a relatively poor man’s club, being an upper working class, middle-class tradesman back scratchy type thing.

Still, as a *Mear* ‘American’ what on earth would he know about class?

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  1. Carmen says:


    Still he’s lucky the local dudes he soooo looks down his nose at were civilised enough not to lynch him. If it was the other way round and had been a Black, Jewish or Asian painting murals promoting equal rights and anti-racism in certain KKK sympathising american neighbourhoods then we’d probably be looking at a murder inquiry then……that’s if the notoriously crooked redneck police didn’t collude with covering it up!

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