Roger L. Griffith – Producer of Anti-Semitic Video. A very prejudiced man who sneered derisively at my ‘upbringing’ (i.e. my working-class Jewish family background) and contemptuously refers to mentally-handicapped people as “retards”.

Kalen Ockerman a.k.a. Mear One the ‘Michaelangelo of Graffiti’ – modest fellow, isn’t he?

Susan Aksu, associate and supporter of the other two, but with wannabee journalistic pretensions and a view that those who don’t believe there is an international Jewish conspiracy are “very naive”. Vacuous coward.

In 2007, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gave warning for the world to expect a ‘tsunami of anti-semitism’ as a result of the economic recession that we began entering into as the old spectre of conspiracy theories about Jewish people thirsted after by those looking for convenient scapegoats was sadly predictably likely to raise its head. Sadly it seems his prediction has been spot-on. Once again it’s clear to all but those in denial with their heads permanently stuck in the sand that Jewish people are being blamed for an economic recession that we had nothing to do with and which we are also victims of.

The three people pictured above – by curious happenchance, all well-off, well-educated wealthy west-coast americans were recently involved in producing a video which depicted a mural being painted by an artist known as Mear One (real name: Kalen Ockerman) which he claimed portrayed ‘white anglos and Jews, the Rothchilds, the banker cartels etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum(!)’ as being responsible for all the world problems and engaged around a chessboard table in a conspiracy to live of the backs of working classes as parasites. Notwithstanding the irony when we remind ourselves where the aforementioned recession actually started and thus the possibility that these three hey hey USA over-privileged knobheads might have been trying to take the heat off themselves…a cursory glance at one August Bebel could have warned them of the illusion that is the ‘fools’ socialism’ of anti-semitism had they only been smart enough to even be aware that he ever existed. Yet sigh, depressingly true to form, when posted up on youtube by Roger L. Griffith (who boasts online of also being an astrophysicist employed as a research scientist for NASA – yeah, right:) it drew one percent of criticism and 99 per cent of support with many of the comments congratulating Ockerman and Griffith with blatantly anti-Jewish far-right sentiment as words of encouragement.

What the three people above have ‘achieved’ has been to stir up even more anti-semitic hatred and lend credence to the far-right. They’ve played a key part in creating the very distortion that leads to heartbreaking acts of anti-Jewish vandalism like this:

Cowards who attack the dead: Vandalised Jewish Gravestone, Poland

The sort of mass murder atrocities that have taken place such as the next picture

Dachau, 1945 – does anything more need to be said?

…And most recently, the tragically heartbreaking murders of those innocents pictured below, that took place in Toulouse last year:

The hate that never goes away: Murdered because they were Jewish, Toulouse 2011

Now if it’s even possible that you can prise your selfish and arrogant self-consumed selves away from your own vain, ego-bloated arrogant reflections in the mirror, look into those children’s eyes below Roger L Griffith, Kalen Ockerman and Susan Aksu: and go ahead and tell us how much you’re proud of yourselves and your so-called ‘work’ and the political-economic capital that you’ve creamed off out of encouraging anti-semitism?

Nope, you’ll just sob about the ‘ignorance and bigotry’ and the ground-shaking injustice of those *hating* on your precious pleeze mural…and lap up all the sieg heil adoration from your legion of sick Nazi fans.

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  1. I'm trans too says:

    Main source of antisemitism are… Jews :))

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