Showcase Pharyngula Act Suffers Severe Make-Up Malfunction

Showcase Pharyngula Act Suffers Severe Make-Up Malfunction

Whoops…did someone just fart? Or has Cyberots let yet another one off over the already much-polluted blogosphere? Does that impress us much? Sadly, No.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it would be excrutiatingly laughable were it not such a pathetic attempt to address such a serious subject.

For starters, obsessively featuring virtually every sentence of a piece you’re attempting to critique

we, as readers, find so monotonously tiresome

that we definitely see this going in one direction only

(i.e. a downward spiral)

which can only spell disaster

a frenetic, incessant natter natter natter which does one’s head in resulting in rapid, widespread alienation amongst your audience…or worse still…will result in you…

ending up like David Margarine of Pharynguloid fame


Whilst it may be the dogs bollocks to the degenerate, squirmingly sychophantic fans who have little better to do with their days than regularly frequent the Sadblog, we at Beckytranssexual are nevertheless left marvelling that there are still sick people out there who obviously don’t realise that there are sites like liveleak available which cater specifically for those who want to watch somebody die on the internet. So painfully.

So, while such ignorance amongst your regularship lasts, rejoice, rejoice…and enjoy yourself as your perpetual ever-enlarging ego is massaged by the hopelessly brainwashed disciples of your adoring pharyngularsed fan club.

Yet, having read the dire, semi-literate, pitifully-constructed, incoherant rant (linked to above), all we at BeckyT can advise is don’t give up the day job, kimosabe; (although from what the grapevine tells us it looks like pretty soon you won’t have to – as the day job is more likely to give up on you;)

Still, those of us in the sane world, Cyberots, are left wondering if you actually really do believe that you’re anything other than just another fraudulent coward with verbal diaorrhea who gets off by hiding, lard-arsed behind a computer screen all day playing the tough guy by ejaculating anonymous, misogynistic hate-filled messages to women and girls over teh interweb, threatening to ‘kick their fucking cunt in’ – or other such pleasantries?

I mean, seriously: you’ve created such an all-encompassing aura of phantasmagorical bullcrap around you now, do you even believe in yourself anymore, you fakeocrat, you?! Fear naught; for if you don’t then you are most certainly not alone. As here at Beckytranssexual, neither do we…

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