bored - Copy

I am soooo bored. LOL:)

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3 Responses to BORED

  1. oolon says:

    Someone faking comments from you on my blog or is there something I’ve missed….

  2. Becky says:

    Hi oolon

    Actually I can confirm that it was me who posted the comment on your blog. Sorry, no offence intended towards you – the comment was directed at certain people from the Pharyngula blog – and, yes, I’d agree with those who are of the opinion that many of the posters on Pharyngula (including PZ Myers) are hypocritical.

    Becky xxx

    • oolon says:

      No problem, hopefully I’ll manage to not be too transphobic. Sorry to hear you didn’t get on at Pharyngula. In in no position to judge as a cis-white bloke but they do appear to try not to further marginalise people at least. Unfortunately being a space where rudeness is not only allowed but encouraged they seem to come a cropper quite often!

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