As this is the weekend of Pride, we here at Beckytranssexual will spare some thought for the oppressed people of Russia – in particular, those 100 or so brave people (above) who decided at much risk to their own personal safety to stage a protest yesterday against the new law which seeks to ‘ban gay propaganda’ (whatever the hxxx that is!) in the Russian Federation.

Yet again, they faced homophobic, transphobic and quite frankly fascist hate mobs – cowards who took advantage of the fact that they outnumbered them vastly to beat and assault them.

Then the icing on the cake: just whom do the ‘police’ arrest? Why? The assaulted LGBT activists of course!

Beckytranssexual really does hope that the paranoid reign of Tsar Stalin the Second er…sorry, Mad Vlad Putin or whatever he’s calling himself these days are numbered and so too the disproportionate amount of power the Duma affords to the homophobes, transphobes and sexists.

Here at Beckytranssexual, we really are sure that the vast majority of people in Russia are just ordinary, peaceable loving citizens who judge people on how they are as individuals and do not prejudge them on the grounds of their sexuality, gender or race. How sad that a people as great as the Russians and to whom we hold much of our survival from the courageous self-sacrifices their forebears made during the fight against the Nazis should be so consistently unlucky with so many outrageously bad leaders. Another revolution is well overdue, methinks.

moscow demonstrators

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