Read all about it: narcissistic  plastic Barbie dolls whines over fake trolls.

Read all about it: narcissistic plastic Barbie doll whines over fake trolls.

Oh, really? So you don’t consider violent bullies like Richard L Griffith posting highly offensive terms for mentally-handicapped people on your blog like ‘retard’ rude posts? You can post his replies, insults and assumptions towards me and my people but when I posted a reply defending myself you deleted it.

What a pathetic hypocrite you are, “Susan” (and since the fact that you feel okay to exercises your cisprivilege by imprisoning my name in transphobic sneer quotes means that I’ll reserve the right to do the same to you).

Kuz this is all about equality, right? And, yup, shock horror minorities are waking up and realising how much we’ve been conned by the bourgeouis libertarian counter-revolutionaries, too.

Thanks for letting me know what you’re really like despite the favourable ‘oh i’m sooo beautiful) image of yourself that you try to create on the internet – at least one of us now knows what lies underneath. But yeah, you’re a hit with Rogerboy, eh and that piss artist ‘i’m not a Nazi but…’ friend of his.

Ps. I’m not from “England” and I’m not “English”. Yet another bigoted, fuckwitted, US culturally imperialistic assumption!

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