Well, well, well the curse must be working as over at the Sadly No blog it turns out that Cerberus is broke and is now reduced to begging for money over the internet. LOL…that’s great news and utterly hilarious. I look forward enthusiastically to this degenerate scumbag becoming homeless, followed by a slow and excruciatingly painful demise. Ha ha ha…best news I’ve had in ages:)!

Funniest thing of all though, is apparently that people are actually paying money to what is clear to anyone with the tiniest amount of common sense an obvious inveterate and unscrupulous professional liar and con artist. Seems these privileged fuckers have got more money than sense (and I doubt they ever had to work for a living to earn it.) Wot a scrounging parasitical pond scum you are, ‘Cerb’.

This is tooooo funny, though and let’s raise a glass and hope that Cerberus’s situation goes from bad to worse. And, yep, as for me ‘I’m in the money’ and am I gonna be whistling the song above all day…? You betcha!;)

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3 Responses to CERBERUS IS BROKE…HA HA HA:)))!

  1. Poor Becky, forced to take pleasure in the pain of others. How sad is that?

    • Becky says:

      Fuck you, you Jew hating, fascist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic schmuck. Your comment just about illustrates why you’re such a failure and have never amounted to anything in life, you knuckle-dragging racist snob. I do hope that your dick is bigger than your brain, Nazi coward. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder why you’re such a bourgeois schmendrik…you worthless wankstain? I curse your mouth with boils. Kacken zee ahf deh levanah…have a nice fucking day, y’all;)!

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