Once-upon-a-time, post-Auschwitz it was bad enough that neo-Nazis and anti-Semites even still existed but as if that weren’t sad enough there’s now a profoundly disturbing new trend: The Jewhater that is cringeworthingly embarrassing!

Meet our crazy mixed-up horse-eating Gallic cousin Dieudonne M’bala M’bala; friend to compatriot holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, darling of the snobby traditionally anti-Semitic left bank Parisian bourgeois self-proclaimed intelligentsia, Jewhater, pretentious prick, loser, bully, fascist collabo and Nazi. Oh, and did I mention ‘comedian’? No, I didn’t actually. Well that’s a fair, comprehensive assessment then:)

Undoubtedly a man of many parts, though – although none allegedly assembled via slave labour at the infamous Krupp factory but nevertheless inclusive of at least more than one face – he has achieved the ranks of international celebrity through being the inventor of his own brand new Nazi salute; the so-called ‘Quenelle’ which has become the latest sensation to catch on with Nazi schmucks and assorted idiots everywhere (but particularly in France).

Odin in Valhalla: I bet Adolf’s down there in Hades kicking himself wondering how many unfriends he could have got had they had Facebook in his day! Monsieur Diuedonne’s fame first spread beyond France to the rest of Europe and is now soon to hit the good ol’ US of A where rumour has it he has already been affectionately adopted by the KKK as their beloved Uncle Remus. (*Apparently they only get scared on Halloween when he takes the white ghost hood off!)

The Quenelle’s fame has even spread to the ‘No horsemeat please we’re British’ set as well, ‘courtesy’ of French football player Anelka who plays for West Brom (they’re supposed to be a big side so my friend tells me;). Apparently, Monsieur Anelka did one in the middle of a game in front of everyone and although the great and the good in the football world threw up their arms in horror they won’t kick him off the team because apparently he’s worth a lot of money as they bought him at a very expensive price. If this may sound alarmingly like slavery, I’m sure he’s cool with that though – as people who celebrate victories by presenting Nazi salutes are usually more into Hitler than Abraham Lincoln – and, hey, if you’re black and you believe in a system of racial superiority with white ‘aryans’ at the top of the pyramid then you sadly ain’t likely to challenge it, eh? Besides, although he may have the one talent that he can do with his feet I guess it’s just far too much to expect him to be to do anything in excess of two things with his hands – the one being ridiculous gestures like this and the other…well, the other we probably don’t really want to know about, thank you very much(!) As for how he can use his head – if it’s other than heading a ball…for fuck’s sake he’s a footballer: we’d best forget it, eh;)

Dieudonne & Anelka - Le Nouveau Double Act

Dieudonne & Anelka – Le Nouveau Double Act

Despite his swiftly new-found renown and adoration as being the most famous French Nazi showbiz collaborator since Maurice Chevalier, Fuhrer Dieudonne remains a remarkably modest about it all. Preferring to describe himself as an ‘anti-Zionist’ as opposed to Nazi Jew-hating Reichobersturmfuhrer (or whatever), he plays down the salute he’s invented as merely an ‘up yours’ to supporters of Israel – offering a Quenelle gesture to somebody is symbolic of informing them of your desire to forcefully insert a rugby ball shaped French item of food up their into their anus, nothing to do with the Nazis. All good, clean fun and a great way to spend an evening Dieudonne insists. His definition of ‘Supporters of Israel’ is however nevertheless a rather ‘liberal’ one as admittedly it does tend to extend to all Jewish people, holocaust victims, the whole of the media, world leaders, political establishment, military, bankers, industrials, sarcastic transsexuals on the internet – whom, of course, he insists control everything…er, yes er…EVERYTHING!

Q. What do middle class idiots do whilst on recreation?  A. Why, be a prat of course!

Q. What do middle class idiots do whilst on recreation? A. Why, be a prat of course!

Never mind, despite this thanks for being at pains to reassure us here at Beckytranssexual that you’re not a Nazi anyway, mon petit.

So there we have it, suppose I better pleasure him with some ad space: Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, comedian – now available for weddings, christenings, funerals and bah mitzvahs (okay, well maybe not bah mitzvahs).

But what do I care?! Since I’m apparently incredibly powerful, influential, well-connected and fabulously wealthy…WTF: I’ll hire Woody Allen!

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