Five-year-old Romeo banned from after school club

Five-year-old Romeo banned from after school club

Saw this item http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2623174/The-five-year-old-boy-banned-church-likes-wear-pretty-dresses.html …in the news the other day about a five-year-old boy who has been banned from a Catholic after-school club for young kids purely because he likes to wear a dress. Apparently, the ‘excuse’ rolled out by the minister in charge of the club – one Mrs Bex Venables – is that five-year-old Romeo (pictured above) is likely to confuse the other children and she, and her Church’s powers-that-be, theorise that it’s possible that exposure to gender diversity at such a young age could have the potential to do kids irrevocable harm.

All utter tosh of course, because it’s simply just another excuse for organised religion’s intolerance of not only LGBTQ people, but also anything that challenges patriarchal gender stereotypes and the very much man-made sexist status quo.

Besides, if the Church were really concerned about potential harm being done to children then one might have reasonably assumed that they would have acted much sooner and quicker against the paedophiles in their midst instead of going to such great lengths to cover up the scandalous child abuse that has existed inside their institutions and organisations for millennia, nicht wahr?

Nope, it seems that they prefer much more to persecute, bully and ostracise poor little innocent five-year-olds. Plus taking candy from a baby is soooo much easier. However, forcing a child who prefers to wear a dress into trousers or vice versa forcing a child who prefers to wear trousers into a skirt IS child abuse – and such gendering of children against their will needs to be stopped NOW!

Fortunately, Romeo is lucky to have wonderfully supportive parents who have the important ability to think outside the box. Personally, I hope they sue the arse off the sexist/transphobic adults who run this gender fascist club and get it closed down as our children deserve better than this!!!

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  1. gmccammon5 says:

    Kids that young don’t give a rat’s ass about gender identity. They’d be cool with it. It’s the adults who this is being done for, of course.

    • Becky says:

      So true. It’s the adults who poison the kids’ minds by implanting the idea that they have to hate others because of their gender identity, sexuality, race etc. Well said. take care, Becky x

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