Paul Nuttall, Deputy Fuhrer of the UKIP National Socialist Partei - Hands Up, Baby hands up...:) Busted: For you the war is over!

Paul Nuttall, Deputy Fuhrer of the UKIP National Socialist Partei – Busted: For you ze war is over!

Following the ‘phenomenal’ (read 99.9 per cent tabloid mainstream media baron junta generated) rise to power of Ukip at the recent Euro elections, we at Becky Transsexual became kinda bored and decided to investigate what Ukip’s attitude towards transgender people was. In retrospect, I suppose I could have just keyed in Nicole Sinclair into YouTube and found out there and then…

Anyways, turns out the main attitude is that they’re really scared of us. Found their Deputy Partei Fuhrer, Paul Nuttall’s site, (i.e. the skinheady guy in the photo above), and apparently in a post called ‘Transgender Queries’ (oh, ho, ho, ho see what he did there, folks!) he’s terrified that there happens to be an organisation for transgender people in his village.

When I posted a question on his site’s thread below asking just why he was so scared – and also if the rumours were true that Ukip are actually funded from Moscow via the Kremlin as part of a wider strategy by Vladimir Putin to undermine western European democracies by creating the Trojan Horse of a pro-Russian political bloc within the EU, Comrade Paul seems to have promptly banned me from having access to his site;)

Curiously, my tiny innocent little er…*transgender query* seems to have had as much impact as a platoon of hardened allied paratroopers arriving at a Hitler Youth swastika-bedecked teddy bear’s picnic circa 1944. My word, what is this: a Graeme Greene novel?! But, yeah…Don’t panic, don’t panic!!! Anyone would think y’all secretly a bunch of FSB spies trying to infiltrate the UK on behalf of them Russiyians or somethin’, eh boy?!!!

One thing’s for sure, though: they certainly don’t like it up ’em, do they? Yikes, even the previously ever-accommodating skinhead scene nowadays…! Oh well, keep calm, carry on! lol:)

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