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“Blogger Belinda McKenzie said… That’s the spirit. Tar n feather the paedo hoax promoting androgynous hermaphrodite nonce lover. 25 January 2016 at 19:16” Oh well, they do say that after a while hating on people does tend to show … Continue reading

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Oh my, what is Beckytranssexual to say of professional grumpy old git, Master Jeremy Clarkson Esq., and moreover the subject of his latest rant which this time he reserves for us sweet lil’ transgender folk? Well, I guess it had … Continue reading

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Meet Timothy Rustige (pictured above) who recently served a prison sentence for harassing top female lawyer Dame Elish Angiolini and her family together with his band of misogynist, racist and anti-Semitic trolls. Well, actually they already introduced themselves here … Continue reading

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Fascism for Schmucks

Hahaha…got into a ‘debate’ today with some deluded fascist minions of deranged neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist self-declared alternative media ‘journalist’ Chris Spivey – yes, die-hard disciples of the online cult narcissist-in-chief with the poorly finger (are we sure it’s not a … Continue reading

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Whatttup, folks! Happy New Year!! According to the clown above the entire holocaust, the Boston Bombings, the Algerian beach terrorist atrocity and the recent Paris attacks in which over 100 innocent people were murdered NEVER HAPPENED! OMG…where do I … Continue reading

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