Fascism for Schmucks

Ooh Nooo...shut up don't tell us we're scared of the truth lalalala...

Ooh Nooo…shut up don’t tell us we’re scared of the truth lalalala…

Hahaha…got into a ‘debate’ today with some deluded fascist minions of deranged neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist self-declared alternative media ‘journalist’ Chris Spivey – yes, die-hard disciples of the online cult narcissist-in-chief with the poorly finger (are we sure it’s not a case of stigmata) himself – oh, how honoured am I?!


Basically, they have proved themselves incapable of putting up any serious defence of their opinions so far not least zero evidence to back them up. Tut, tut, tut is the head in the sand approach the best the self-proclaimed ‘master race’ have to offer then?

Oh well, at least I learnt something today. Since the above specimens evidently do not have the intellectual capability to counter intelligent rational argument and least of all the courage or moral fortitude to confront the truth, it’s small wonder that the first thing you fascists do when you get into power is gag freedom of speech…

Rusty, Tym and self-advertising ‘real woman’ Ally C: what on earth are you like, eh?

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7 Responses to Fascism for Schmucks

  1. Ally the Dyke says:


    Boring with a large Capital B.

    As per your preliminary complaint diatribe on the sadistic Saudi beheading blog post – (of which no part mentioned yourself or your abnormal trans-gender species) – making unsolicited and vindictive, negative know-all-ing pedagogue comments (so typical of your pathetic wannabe ‘species’) – regarding Chris Spivey’s well researched works and weblog – why not trot over there – a short cyberspace hop from your corner of the trans-gender Netherworld – and post a few of your nasty critical (albeit unqualified) opinions – and cop the kick back reaction you so richly deserve.

    Oh Becky, stop attempting to pose as an intellectual / academic – for that you’re not – and call a halt to this pointless exchange ‘you’ – for whatever perverse reason your muddled mind has chosen to pursue – have initiated, and go seek out the counsel of your psycho-therapist.

    If you really think we give a flying fuck about what you, (or any other fucker and their dog for that matter) in your egocentric view of worldly things, deem politically incorrect or gender-offensive, or racially offensive or culturally offensive or borders on anti-Semitism (that includes all the Semite races = Arabs / Palestinians too) or Holohoax denial – or the fact you ignore or contest the Old Testament maxim stating in clear homophobic terms that sodomites are an abomination – which obviously includes the gender-confused transvestite / shemale assemblage of our sick society – then you’re chasing your own tail (sic – no pun intended).

    Go preach your pompous, pedantic crap elsewhere. Try WH Smiths or Waterstones – they’ve got copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf on their New Year best-seller shelves. A fine piece of Jew-hating, homophobic work if ever there was one.

  2. Ally the Dyke says:

    Wow – wot a cunt . leaves nasty comments on other folk’s weblogs but won’t tolerate the same on hers.
    Wot a crypto-Jew cunt. Amen

  3. Ally the Dyke - Real Woman branch of Humanity says:

    Wow – wot a cunt this Becky the Tranny Slag is. Leaves nasty bastard comments on other folk’s weblogs but won’t tolerate the same on hers.

    Beckytranssexual’s Blog: Just another fucked-up cross dressing shemale WordPress.com site
    Fascism for Schmucks – Posted on January 4, 2016

    Don’t like the TRUTH, does (he? she? ) it. Doesn’t even know the definition of fascism.
    Wot a crypto-kikester cunt. Amen.
    Off ya go Becky the Sayanim, run ter tell ur rabid Rabbi Snipcock that some evil anti-ZioNazi Holohoax deniers have been rude to you.

    cc: Chris Spivey / David Icke / Pie n Mash / UK Column / TrannyCuntsExposed.com

  4. “Wow – wot a cunt this Becky the Tranny Slag is. Leaves nasty bastard comments on other folk’s weblogs but won’t tolerate the same on hers.”

    Well that’s an outright lie and you know it, Ally!!! I’ve published all of your comments on my blog. And – I trust you are just trying to frighten me by cc Chris Spivey/David Icke/Pie n Mash/UK Column etc. but I’d thank you kindly if you’d please NOT refer to me or post any links to my blog on these sites. *In particular, please, please, please DO NOT post a link to my blog Chris Spivey’s site as I’d rather not have them knowing about me, or their sort visiting my blog and commenting, thank you very much. I’ve been very generous to you and published every comment even though you obviously hate me – so please respect your part of the deal by keeping our conversations about Spivey and his minions strictly private and between ourselves. Okay? Thank you. xxx

  5. Remember, I am only trying to help you by letting you know that these people on Chris Spivey.org are bad news as they are a cult who will brainwash you and worsen your mental health.

  6. Gregg (Bete Noir) says:

    A cult? And you’re comments are not bearing the same – people to agree with what YOU say and not tender alternative opinions?
    Just been reading up on your slew of venal comments on the Skewed News Views weblog.
    Obviously your hormone-induced delusional raging indicates a self-righteous sexually immoral conundrum suffering from intellectual bankruptcy.
    Can you not comprehend the point? You are tottaly missing it. They are fishing without bait and you’ve taken the whole schlemiel, hook, line and sinker every time, every counter post.
    They are taking the piss out of you and holding you – and by connection – trans-sexuality – up to a global cyber-audience via your own narcissist WordPress blog as a monument to self-declared ridicule.
    Becky, you are NOT a good ‘sound mind’ advert for the LGBT Community purposes but rather one that tends to undermine our credibility.

  7. Charlotte says:

    No Becky, wtf are YOU like?! If you’ve got anything to say to Chris Spivey you should say it to his face. Instead you post a vile attack on him and his friends behind his back and then started to shit yourself when someone suggests informing him of you backstabbing activities. You feckin coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I think it only is fair that Chris, Dogman, Wolfie and all the other good people who are faithful regulars on his blog should know what you’ve said about him and accuse him of. To that end, I really do hope that someone DOES post a link on Chris Spivey.Org so that all the people you have dissed are able to exercise their right to reply about the crap you have written about them. Good on ya Ally and Gregg for putting this Becky Bully specimen in her…sorry it’s place – what do you think is wrong with it…is she or rather it seriously nutz or what? So rally round fellow truthers, make every effort to spread the word across our community and show her/it up for what she/it is!

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