Nasty, nasty;)

Belinda McKenzie: Nasty, nasty;)

“Blogger Belinda McKenzie said…
That’s the spirit. Tar n feather the paedo hoax promoting androgynous hermaphrodite nonce lover.
25 January 2016 at 19:16”


Oh well, they do say that after a while hating on people does tend to show in your face…Just sayin’;)

“Belinda McKenzie (born 1946 in Northampton UK, MA Oxon in Oriental Languages (Japanese) and MA Sussex in International Relations, followed by a PGCE) has worked variously as a translator, curatorial research assistant, as director of an educational consultancy and in business but since ‘retirement’ in 1998 has immersed herself in a succession of humanitarian and public interest initiatives, starting with taking a leading role in defending a UK-based Iranian charity looking after victims of the fundamentalist regime when it came under attack from the Charity Commission for England & Wales. This led to the setting up of the Association for Charities as a counterweight to the Commission’s at times draconian use of its powers against small charities and to campaign for new provisions in charity law to temper those powers and enable charities to seek redress for perceived wrongful closure. The result was the introduction of a Charity Appeal Tribunal in the Charities Act 2006 as well as wording in the law making it incumbent on the Commission to exercise its powers ‘proportionately.’

Other initiatives in which Belinda has been involved over the past decade include the British 9/11 & 7/7 Truth campaign, Make Wars History, an anti-war campaign demanding adherence on the part of governments to the international laws of war and two alternative science projects, ‘Energen’, a Free Energy project and others.

Belinda has come to rest she feels for the remainder of her life in child & family protection work and is co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends which aims to raise the status of lay legal advisers particularly in the family court system and help prevent the too often unjust and unwarranted removal of children from their birth parents and families. She is also campaigning for abuse of children to be investigated and prosecuted regardless of the social status of the abuser.

Here to help make this world a better place for you and your children.

Belinda & Iran Aid – Statement of Truth

Due to negative rumours flying all over Facebook & the internet regarding my involvement with the charity formerly known as Iran Aid, for the sake of people knowing the truth and not swallowing malicious lies and misinformation I make the following Statement of Truth:

It was always my intention to work full-time for the benefit of humanity once my children were grown up and had left home. This moment for me coincided with my having received a substantial inheritance, £4 million to be precise from my wealthy landowner father on his death in 1996. £I million of this money I used to buy my sons and daughter their first flats, £2 million I put into a Trust for them and their future children and the remaining £1 million I resolved to devote to humanitarian good causes, as and when need presented itself.

The first case of acute humanitarian need of which I became aware was the crisis suffered by a charity to which I had already been a donor for some years, Iran Aid. Iran Aid, based a couple of miles from my home in North Finchley looked after the remaining family members of dissidents murdered by the Iranian regime of which a large proportion were young children. On coming to power in 1997 Tony Blair set about restoring relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the sake of gaining access to Iran’s oil and gas and general business opportunities. In return, the Iranian mullahs demanded that the charity supporting their opponents be closed down.

Accordingly, in July 1998 the Charity Commission suddenly froze Iran Aid’s funds and three months later sent in the Receiver and Manager to take it over entirely. However by then both the Iranian community and British donors such as myself had massed in the charity’s defence and when the Receiver Manager arrived to lock up the office we would not let him in. He had signalled his intention to send the charity’s records out to Iran for inspection which would instantly place the hidden beneficiaries in severe danger – it would be tantamount to sending details of Anne Frank’s hiding place to the gestapo!

The sit-in at the charity’s office dragged on for 20 months and the stalemate led to the closure of Iran Aid. In Iran Aid’s defence it should be said that during the three months during which the Charity Commission had full access to the charity’s documentation no trace of wrong-doing was found.

While all this was going on, and with fund-raising stopped, the beneficiaries of the charity still needed feeding and protecting which is where British donors such as myself stepped into the breach. We put up large sums out of our savings and in some case mortgaged our houses to keep the charity’s beneficiaries alive. Eventually new organisations were set up by supporters and again we helped to render those rapidly solvent so that the humanitarian work could continue.

I was intimately involved with the charity during all of these years of battling simultaneously the murderous Iranian regime and the British Charity Commission which I felt used its powers too readily and destructively against smaller charities such as Iran Aid. With other charities which had suffered assaults by the Commission I set up an Association for Charities to deal with the problem and we helped influence the wording of the Charities Act 2004 in favour of smaller charities less able to defend themselves against the Commission’s powers. The setting up of a Charities’ Appeal Tribunal could have been due in no small part to our campaigning.

By 2004 I had parted with some £1.7 million in all to this cause, including taking out a mortgage on my house. I made it very clear to my friends in the Iranian community that this money was mainly a loan and that in due course I would need it to be repaid in full, all bar £300,000 which I wrote off as an outright gift, but the rest, £1,400,000 would need to come back to me.

This is what has been happening over the 10 years since that time; the Iranians have been faithfully repaying me what they owe me in the form of monthly payments which I dispense in turn to my own humanitarian causes and cases. More recently however, I began to request that the process of repayment be speeded up as I have to settle my mortgage to the tune of £300,000 in 2016. Accordingly, in 2015 the remaining monthly repayments have gone up to £20,000 a month which goes straight into a mortgage account for the purpose of meeting the 2016 deadline. By May 2016 the repayment of my loan and by extension the settlement of my mortgage account will be fully concluded.

My main Iranian trustee friend Hamid Bayazi will confirm that I have never taken a penny from Iran Aid or any charity for that matter. Ever since I received the inheritance from my father I have been a giver rather than a taker and this will continue. I am here in the world to help people and my own comfort or pleasure mean nothing to me. I buy my clothes from charity shops, never go on holiday and live modestly and anyone is welcome to inspect my bank-account going back 20 years to see that what I have said is true.

Belinda McKenzie 1 April 2015”


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  1. El Coyote says:

    Yes, Belinda is certainly, er, one of a kind! 🙂

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