Anna Lee: too *diverse* for her own good?

Anna Lee: too *diverse* for her own good?

We here at Beckytranssexual, are somewhat shocked by the amount of online hostility and downright venom directed against Ms Anna Lee, whom we are proud of as the UK’s first ever trans woman candidate for the position of NUS Women’s Officer, even more so when it emanates from places that you wouldn’t feel were particularly reactionary or politically right-wing such as that famed ‘middle-of-the-road’ online stomping ground widely known as mumsnet:

Erm yeah…for real, mumsnet – yikes – that’s more or less Jo/e Average territory of the Net, right? Yet many of the comments accessible via the link above almost make me want to hop over to the Daily Mail thread on this for the more ‘liberal’ view!

Alarmingly, that just seems to be the tip of a very large iceberg, however. The attitudes amongst posters in Part 1 of the thread were even more intense and obsessive in their condemnation of her, which kind of makes us suspicious as to whether or not this is part of some orchestrated hate campaign against her by a fringe minority of crazed far-right wingers and deranged evangelicals who maybe arrived at the show already pre-loaded on a skinful of special-brew strength hate with one whole Wagnerian armoury of ideological axes to grind.

The main ‘excuse’ they seem to employ for their rejection of Ms Lee is that because they personally aren’t trans they don’t want to be represented by a woman who personally is trans because they feel she didn’t receive the same socialization whilst growing up and consequently doesn’t share the same experiences as them.

*Hmmm…now let’s see, if we’re right in guessing that the majority of these objectors and the rest of the students at the university are also white and middle class then by the same logic they’d presumably reject a black or working class female candidate for NUS women’s officer because she just happens to be a different colour or socio-economic group than they are and has therefore had a different experience with a more growing up as a female from a more privileged background?! Two words: racism and snobbery.

To that end, we at the BT can’t believe the herd bigotry that we’re seeing over this! After all, one would have hoped that the majority of rational, reasonable people were passed all that?

Moreover, if they really are genuine feminists then can they not grasp the reality that there is no single blueprint for how a woman should be and that women come from a whole multitude of different and diverse backgrounds? Indeed, erm…duh…isn’t that supposed to be one of the main, fundamental tenets of feminism?!!!

…And, in the allegedly diverse and open-minded environment that a university supposedly has to offer, what ever happened to the realization and enthusiasm for the myriad of advantages to be had in learning from one another, eh?

Yup, kinda makes one despair, doesn’t it?


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