Sorry this is old news to many people, but I only just caught up with it on You Tube the other day. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. The audience seems to think so too, as Trump makes himself an utter laughing stock here. Not that he really had to put any effort in that himself anyway with his track record.

I guess he could be called a half-hearted transphobe in that he’s prepared to make the effort to be transphobic if he thinks it will make him popular (which he’s obviously unsure of, if the weasel-like behaviour in the above clip is anything to go by). I guess the Caitlyn Jenner factor might have kicked in here, with a slight realisation that not all trans people are necessarily going to vote Democrat, despite the Rethuglican Party being the traditional party of the transphobic religious US right.

Erm…isn’t a transgender person voting Republican kind of analogous to a turkey voting for Thanksgiving, though?

Plus even though he doesn’t seem that particularly obsessed with us, who could forget Trump’s dufus-like after-reaction a few years’ back, when he finally had to concede to equality laws which allow trans women like Miss Universe candidate Jenna Tacklova to take part in his beauty contest. Making a weak, immature pun on her name associating it with genitalia on some mindless US prime time TV chat show pretty much shows him as beneath the intellectual of the average 12-year-old bully.

Should, no doubt appeal to some of the transphobic nutjobs with time on their hands and nothing better to do with it than invade Target stores to disturb the peace protesting about trans people having the right to use public lavatories though. Seriously, these people are like the racial segregationalists of the 1960s and the ‘commies under the beds’ red scare McCarthyite witch-hunt paranoid pitchfork wielding fanatics all rolled into one. They are simply acting to type as if you look throughout US history there is a tendency for these sorts of national panics – up to and including the legendary time when a sci-fi radio show opened with a statement that the Martians had landed and it caused pandemonium amongst large swathes of terrified listeners who actually assumed this was a real news flash!

Personally, I can’t conceive of why anyone would wish to vote for such a frightful chap. Anyone out there who is considering voting for him in November’s forthcoming US presidential election, please do feel free to enlighten me as to what the attraction could possibly be?

To that end, probably the most miraculous aspect of this whole Trump phenomenon to me as an observer from abroad is that I’m actually surprised that there’s anyone left whom he’s managed to not offend. At the rate he’s going with regard to alienating the American electorate, I really do feel it’s unfair that the Democrats haven’t offered to put him on their payroll as he must be Hillary Clinton’s best campaign asset! Though he hardly needs the cash, does he?

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  1. Dogman says:

    Listen Becky, you conniving little troll bitch. I warned you once to stop your badmouthing online. You may think you’re pretty clever now stupid little girl but tick tock your time will come. On that note may I remind you its getting pretty close to Halloween and I know for a fact it’s not very well lit round where you live, is it? Better be careful someone dressed as a killer clown doesn’t jump up from behind the bushes and snap your pretty little neck like a fucking twig, eh bitch? And scream as much as you like but no-one’s gonna give a damn when a filthy little whore like you gets a right good seeing to. Your IP address is traceable so that means old ‘doggerz’ here knows where you live. Just sayin’;)

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