Anyone familiar with us here at Becky Transsexual will know that we’re not exactly fans of Nazis. That’s w

Chabloz: Mocks children abused by Nazis

Chabloz: Mocks children abused by Nazis…need I say anything more

hy we were much dismayed to come across a video on YouTube in which a holocaust revisionist sings songs mocking the victims of the infamous Dr Joseph Mengele – many of whom were tiny children whom he conducted medical experiments on.


Even more mystifying is that Alison Chabloz (who is due to attend court this Thursday for her anti-Semitic hate-speak and defamation) has chosen the medium of swing/jazz music to express her odious views. You don’t have to have a Phd in Modern German History to know that in the Third Reich, which Chabloz and her confederates so admire, swing and all other forms of jazz music (which were the primary form of popular music back in the 1930s and ’40s) were strictly verboten. Moreover, anyone caught listening, and/or dancing to swing music – let alone playing or performing it – was liable to be arrested and even sent to a concentration camp, largely due to the fact of the worldwide prominence of the many talented black and Jewish performers and composers who created this extremely popular music genre.

Furthermore, in an age when the supposedly well-educated middle classes look down on the working classes and are apt to dismiss us as a bunch of knuckle-dragging, ignorant racists – often blaming the rise of the far right, Brexit and the coming to power of Trump on us – it is as well to note that there are many racists, fascists, neo-Nazis and generally bigoted snobs in their class too. Underneath the cut-glass posh, public-school educated accents, flash suits and professional careers so many a treacherous parasite lurks, abusing their power and socio-political economic privileges that our classist society invests them with to discriminate against people on the grounds of our race, religion, ethnic backgrounds, sexuality and, yes, gender identity too.

Over the past couple of weeks, far-right extremism particularly amongst the wealthy classes has come to prominence, yet of course the majority of our mainstream media (often run by equally rich people with views that border those of the Nazis) have not similarly put this down to the ignorance and depravity of people amongst their own class. Ex-public schoolboy, Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a glaring recent example of what one of these £36,000-a-year private schools can produce. A pathetic man-child fantasist who equates trolling the Internet to being a soldier in an actual war, Bonehead was finally jailed the other day after a long-term campaign of vile anti-Semitic and misogynist abuse and threats online towards Jewish Labour MP, Luciana Berger.

Bonehill-Paine: little boy fantasist with fixation on Ms. Berger

Bonehill-Paine: little boy fantasist with decidedly unhealthy fixation on Ms. Berger

Obviously proof that the most posh education that money can buy is never guaranteed to turn its recipient into a gentleman, lady or even a reasonably polite, intelligent and more importantly kind human being.

Take a step back for a moment, look at the bigger picture and you will realise that there are plenty of double-barrelled surnames amongst the Nazi movement right from the start: let’s not forget that the most notorious British fascist-ever – blackshirt leader Oswald Mosely – was, in fact, a member of the aristocracy; a Baronet.

Baronet, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosely doing a most credible impression of a tea-pot in game of charades with chums sometime in the 1930s.

Baronet, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosely doing an impression of a tea-pot in game of charades with chums sometime in the 1930s.

Then there were the equally notorious (and similarly ridiculous) two Mitford sisters (apologies to the other one who was normal.) Going right to the top of the shit pile there was the rather pathetic Edward VIII – ask anyone in the UK still old enough to vaguely remember him and they’ll most probably tell you what most ordinary folk thought of him at the time: a ‘twerp’ who was mocked mercilessly. And, don’t even get me started on the late Lady Birdbrain, sorry Birdwood!

Stuck up Aryan nose in the air: Nazi heiress 'Lady' Michele Renouf, complete with bling - so that's what happened to all that gold the Nazis stole

Nazi heiress ‘Lady’ Michele Renouf: plenty of bling – so that’s what happened to all that gold the Nazis stole

Our supposedly social ‘betters’ are still at it, so it’s no it’s not surprise to find today’s leader of choice for Britain Nazis (who evidently relishes his tabloid billing as ‘the third most important fascist leader in Britain’), is yet another double-barrelled named schmuck – ex-army officer Jeremy Bedford-Turner (oooh fancy!) Friends call him Jez (is that short for Jezebel, one wonders?;)

Dishonorably discharged: contemporary British Nazi Fuhrer, Jezebel Bedford-Truck (or whatever his name is)

Dishonorably discharged: contemporary British Nazi Fuhrer, Jezebel Bedford-Truck (or whatever his name is)

He is self appointed Fuhrer of an organisation of posh men in suits called The London Forum, who meet at the city’s four star Grosvenor Hotel to proclaim their deranged, hateful ‘theories’ to similarly wealthy, influential people of their class and then post it on YouTube for the commoners.

There was something deeply sickening that I felt arise deep within me when I saw those fucking privileged snobs all gathered round snorting with laughter and derision at the sick jokes about poor little kids maimed and murdered by Mengele during the Holocaust from the hateful, big fat gob of the similarly ‘well-spoken’ Alison Chabloz, Switzerland-dwelling ex-wife of some bankster who no doubt has wads of cash stuffed away from her divorce settlement in some fancy Swiss bank account. They’re all a bunch of sick parasites and represent everything that’s not only wrong with Britain, but with the rest of the world too – now that billionaire puppet Trump has seized power in the USA to do their bidding.

So next time those amongst the well-to-do who are not Nazis (maybe just classist snobs) decide to look down their noses at the Great British Working Class they might care to remember the miners back in the ’30s who downed tools to travel to Spain and join the International Brigades to fight Franco’s fascists during the civil war there. Or they might want to reflect that it was ordinary, everyday people who fought against Hitler and brought him down and defeated him in the end. Ordinary people of every conceivable nationality, race, sexuality and gender whose basic, decent level of humanity could no longer tolerate living under, or the threat of living under, a Nazi regime – either for themselves, or for others.

Smiling happy people all around? Nazi socialites, the Mitford Sisters Diana and Valkyrie (yes, really!), on the set of classic British TV comedy On the Buses sometime in the 1930s - I guess;)

Privileged Nazi socialites, the Mitford Sisters Diana and Valkyrie (yes, really!), on the set of classic British TV comedy On the Buses sometime in the 1970s – I guess;)

Because you see, the extremists in whatever shape or form will never win because the majority of reasonable people do not want to live in a world like that – even if they are not the particular groups who are scapegoated by those particular extremists at the time.

That’s why I really hope that Alison Chabloz loses her case this Thursday and for this latest Nazi wannabe ‘warrior’ the war really will be over.

Judgement at Nuremberg: Nazi war criminal about to swing

Swingtime for Hitler?

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